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    Problem Making the Property Tax Payment?

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    Current vs Deliquent Taxes

    Taxpayers need to be aware of what prior year taxes are owed.
    The City of Grand Rapids bills the current year’s real property taxes and has collection responsibilities through the beginning of March of each year. As such, we only reflect real property tax payments for the first 8 months of each tax year.
    The Kent County Treasurer’s Office has the responsibility for billing prior year(s) delinquent real property taxes and ultimately foreclosing on real property for unpaid taxes and taking title to people’s property.
    Paying Deliquent Taxes
    The Kent County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the official real property tax rolls for prior year delinquent real property taxes. In instances when taxes are due for a prior tax year, we encourage taxpayers to make payments to the Kent County Treasurer first, as the delinquent taxes owed to the Kent County Treasurer’s Office represent the taxes posing the greatest risk to the property.
    Generally, MI law (the General Property Tax Act) stipulates that the delinquent taxes sent by the City of Grand Rapids Treasurer’s Office to Kent County for collection are provided a 26 month period before the final Circuit Court foreclosure action occurs which deeds properties to Kent County due to unpaid tax balances. The County Treasurer administers to sale of properties owing delinquent real property taxes. Their web site is For more information, please contact Denise at the Kent County Treasurer’s Office (Ph. #632-7500). Denise can explain the time period for the properties in question.
    Information on Qualification For Property Tax Deferments - Income Level is at $40,000
    Real Property owners over 62 (or who meet other qualifications see the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes) who meet certain income levels can defer the payment of their summer until next February 14th (or March, if the MI property tax credit refund check is not sent to them). The deferment assists those who are experience a financial hardship in paying their taxes until the MI property tax credit refund check is sent to them.