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    Water Bill Search

    Leaving street number blank and entering just the street name will return ALL account on that street. This may be helpful if uncertain of the exact street number of the service address.

    Clicking on the Submit Payment button will take you to a secure payment site hosted by Chase Bank, one of the industry leaders in online payment processing. No banking information is shared with, or retained by the City of Grand Rapids.

    Please note: due to banking regulation we are unable to provide the full account number. If paying by eCheck yo will be required to provided the full water service account number. Credit card payments do not require entering water service account number.

    Please note: a very limited number of accounts are formatted so that the street number is included in the street name field. If your search does not return the expected account(s) please try entering street number and street name together in the street name search field.

    (The water service address may vary from the parcel number address. Also, two or more water service accounts may be on one water service address.)

    You will need to know your account number if paying by eCheck.

    When inputting your account number, do not input the "WS" that is included on bills in front of the 7 digit numeric account number.

    Transactions may take up to two business days for your account balance to be updated and to restore water service. If you want to avoid a cutoff deadline, please use an alternative form of payment.

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