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    The following is for estimating City of Grand Rapids real property taxes. The calculation is for budgetary purposes or as a tool to estimate mortgage escrow requirements. Tax rates are not finalized until mid-June of each year. The tax rates used in this estimate are the most current available. Generally, the rates found in this estimator should provide a close estimate for both the current and next year's taxes.  If you have recently received your Assessment Notice, we recommend you use the information from this document to calculate upcoming taxes.  The school district depends on your address.  There is a convenient link to a map.  It is to the right of the School District box.
    To estimate taxes on a property recently purchased, a good estimate is based on 50% of the home's purchase price.  For example, I bought a home for $100,000.  The taxable value would be 50% of $100,000 or $50,000.  Another example, my house has a State Equalized Value of $150,000.  The taxable value would be 50% of $150,000 or $75,000.
    The P.R.E. (Principle Residence Exemption) would be equal to 100% if this is your primary residence.  In most cases, the P.R.E. is listed as 100%.  If this home is not your primary residence, estimate how much time is spent at this home.
    NOTE:  If you need an official estimate, the City Treasurer is authorized to charge a $50 service fee for an official written property tax estimate.
    In 2016, the City will not be consolidating the winter and summer property tax bills.  Kent County has a ballot initiative in November 2016 to ask voters to approval a millage dedicated to the public zoo and museum.  Unsure of the ballot initiative's outcome, the City has decided not to pursue consolidation.  We will revisit consolidation in future tax years. This will not impact the total taxes paid annually.
    School District What School District is the property in??(Grand Rapids School district is
    shaded purple)
    Taxable Value  Where can I find the Taxable Value and PRE?
    P.R.E. %

    After clicking on Submit please scroll down to view the results.           

    Tax Rate Tax Amount
    Summer Tax
    Summer Admin
    Summer Total
    Winter Tax
    Winter Admin
    Winter Total
    Yearly Tax
    Yearly Admin
    Yearly Total

    School Operating Tax is exempted for the percentage of the property used as the property owner's principal residence. This is referred to as the Principal Residence Exemption, or P.R.E.

    The amount of School Operating Tax included in the Summer Tax is:
    The amount of School Operating Tax exempted is:

    Tax Levies Tax Rate Tax Amount
    Summer other than School Operating
    School Operating (Summer)

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    Questions or Comments? Please email or call 616-456-3020.