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    Please note: The Treasurer's Office handles questions regarding the billing and collection of property taxes. Specific questions regarding property assessments should be referred to THE CITY ASSESSOR'S OFFICE - (616) 456-3081


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    expand >> : After the board of review, should I wait for an assessment change before paying my bill? ‎(1)
    expand >> : Are there any tax abatements available? ‎(1)
    expand >> : How are my property taxes computed? ‎(2)
    expand >> : How can I receive a credit or have my property taxes reduced? ‎(1)
    expand >> : How do I change the mailing address?  ‎(1)
    expand >> : How is my tax rate determined? ‎(1)
    expand >> : How is property assessed? ‎(2)
    expand >> : I didn't receive a bill, what should I do? ‎(1)
    expand >> : If I can't pay my tax bill on time will it affect my credit rating? ‎(1)
    expand >> : My bill has someone else's name on it, what should I do?  ‎(1)
    expand >> : Should I wait for an assessment correction before paying my bill?  ‎(1)
    expand >> : What are the penalties for late payment?  ‎(1)
    expand >> : What if I can't pay the tax bill when it is due?  ‎(1)
    expand >> : What is a principal residence exemption and how do I know if I have one? ‎(1)
    expand >> : What is a renaissance zone and what effect does it have on my property taxes? ‎(2)
    expand >> : What is the difference between assessed value and taxable value? ‎(1)
    expand >> : What is the difference between real and personal property taxes? ‎(1)
    expand >> : What should I do if my taxable value or principal residence exemption is incorrect? ‎(1)
    expand >> : When can I expect to receive a bill and when is it due? ‎(1)
    expand >> : Where can I pay my taxes and what payment options are available?  ‎(1)
    Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

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