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    This Office is responsible for all activities related to Cable Television and Video Services.  It operates the Grand Rapids Information Network, a government access channel for citizens of Grand Rapids.

    GRIN was established in May of 1987 to provide up-to-date information on local, state and federal government. 

    In May of 1988, GRIN went on the air with limited local programming, sharing the channel with CSPAN. 

    On September 4, 1990, GRIN  delivered its first Live cablecast of the Grand Rapids City Commission - Committee of the Whole meeting.   But for only a few exceptions, all Committee of the Whole meetings have been presented Live and replayed on the cable channel since that time.

    On 2/1/2000 GRIN featured Michigan Governmental Access Television (MGTV) on its channel weekdays from 10:00 am until 2:00pm.  This partnership lasted until January 2013 when when MGTV discontinued its sattelite broadcast for PEG cable.  

    On 10/31/2000 GRIN presented its first Live and On Demand presentation of a Committee of the Whole meeting on the Internet.