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    Sign up for your Recycle Cart here or call 456-3232. There are just two easy steps 1) Prepare and 2) Set out by 7:00 am on your Recycle Day.


    How to properly Prepare your Recycling: 




    Tin, aluminum, or steel food and beverage containers, aluminum foil, and empty aerosol cans.

    Preparation: Rinse clean and remove labels.

    NO  household batteries, bakeware, pots, pans, utensils, hangers, car parts or scrap metal, fencing, propane cylinders, foil-backed paper, gum wrappers, foil wrapping paper, lawn furniture, siding, window frames and doors.




    Clear and colored food and beverage glass containers.

    Preparation: Rinse clean and remove metal and plastic rings. Recycle lids separately.

    NO dishes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, windowpanes, automobile glass, and other non-food and beverage glass.



    Plastic Containers: Milk jugs; water, detergent and shampoo bottles; butter tubs; yogurt cups; microwave food trays; plant flats & flower pots; peanut butter jars and other plastic containers that are stamped number 1 through 7.

    Preparation: Rinse clean and remove lids and rings.

    Plastic Bags: Plastic GROCERY BAGS stamped #2 and #4 only.

    Preparation: Bags should be clean, dry and empty (no coupons, store receipts, or items inside bags.)

    NO Styrofoam; bottles containing automotive fluids or hazardous materials, plastic film.



    Newspapers (including inserts); typing, writing, and computer paper; junk mail, envelopes, fliers; magazines & catalogs; telephone books, brown paper bags; shoe boxes, cracker boxes and cereal boxes (paperboard); corrugated cardboard and shredded paper

    Preparation: Place shredded paper in brown paper bags. Place all paper and cardboard into cart.  Do not put paper into plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Break boxes down to 2’ x 2’ size and flatten. Remove all plastic liners and inserts, strapping, staples and wrapping.

    NO pet food bags, milk & juice cartons, wrapping paper, tissue, Kleenex, napkins, paper towels, wax paper, used paper plates, paper with food or food stains, boxes with glue-in Styrofoam or plastic packing; boxes with heavy staples; boxes with metal or plastic strapping.

    Additional Recycling Tips:
    • When in doubt, throw it out. If you have any doubts about whether an item is recyclable, call the Recycle Helpline at 456-3232 for clarification. Or throw the item into your regular garbage. This will help prevent contamination of the materials.
    • Rinse, then recycle. Please remove food residue from all cans, bottles and jars. Rinse and flatten plastic bottles before recycling them.
    • How do I "Pre-cycle"? How to cut back on wasteful practices.


    NO yard waste, trash, garbage, hazardous waste, electronics allowed in the recycling cart!