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    Grand Rapids Graffiti Abatement Program

    Grand Rapids Graffiti Abatement ProgramThe City Commission and City staff take the position that the existence of graffiti is detrimental to property values, adversely affects quality of life and community attractiveness, and discredits the City's reputation for livability. When graffiti is allowed to remain, it invites yet more graffiti and may lead to an increase in vandalism and other criminal activity. Rapid removal is considered key to controlling and eradicating graffiti.

    If you see graffiti in progress or know the identity of a graffiti suspect, please call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 456-3400 or call Silent Observer at 774-2345.

    If you would like to report a graffiti location online, please go to our Public Inquiry page. You may also call 311 to report the graffiti location.

    Please provide a detailed description of the problem. Provide information about the street address, structure type, surface material, and what color paint would match best to cover it up.

    The best deterrent is swift removal, so residents and business owners are encouraged to call 311 or make a submission online through public inquiry whenever you see unsightly graffiti around town. Property owners are asked to paint over graffiti as soon as it appears.

    If you have a graffiti problem on your property, please notify us by filling out and mailing this Graffiti ​Release Form. You will be giving the City permission to go onto your property to paint and/or powerwash the graffiti.