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    The Grand Rapids Police Department is currently recruiting qualified men and women for the position of police officer 

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    Job Description Nature of Work:

    The most important duty of a Grand Rapids Police Officer is to protect life and property. This responsibility is achieved by the enforcement of statutes and ordinances and by providing a variety of services to the people in the community.

    Police Officers perform their duties pursuant to the Departments Manual of Procedures, with a variety of training programs that are presented periodically to all employees.

    Examples of Work:

    Conduct patrol activity in assigned beats for the purpose of preventing or controlling criminal activity.

    Enforce statutes and ordinances.

    Respond to requests for police services in a professional and courteous manner.

    Conduct a variety of investigative responsibilities pursuant to criminal incidents and eventually testifying in a court setting.

    Initiate and complete covert investigative activities regarding drug enforcement, prostitution, and other illegal activities in the community.

    Deliver services in assigned neighborhood patrol districts that are designed to prevent and control serious or frequent neighborhood problems.

    Work with neighborhood associations, schools, and other "service providers" in the community with the intent of assisting residents to live and work more safely.

    How to Become a Grand Rapids
    Police Officer:
    Those men and women who have
    successfully completed an M.C.O.L.E.S.
    approved police academy are eligible to apply (for more information visit 
    The hiring process is laid out as follows:
    -       Application submitted through NEOGOV
    -       Mandatory Informational Meeting
    -       Panel Interview
    -       Background Investigation
    -       Conditional Offer of Employment
    -       Physical and Psychological Screen
    -       8-Week In-House Orientation
    -       17-Week Field Training Program
    -       One Year Probationary Period
    -       Salary: $40,232 (Recruit Step) up to $66,504 (Senior Officer Pay after 10 years)
    -       Numerous overtime opportunities
    -       Defined Benefit Pension Plan (2.0 multiplier with option of purchasing up to 2.8)
    -       Educational Reimbursement ($1000 for BS/BA in CJ, $800 for BS/BA in any other subject, $500 for Associates)
    -       Vacation Time (80 hours each year for first 4 years and 8 additional hours accrued each year thereafter)
    -       All equipment is provided (except boots and flashlight)
    -       Numerous trainings throughout the year (firearms, subject control, first aid/CPR…etc…)
    -     Several different specialty units(Special Response Team, K9, Investigations, Training Unit…etc…)

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    For More Information, Contact:

    Officer Jason Gady
     Phone: (616) 456-4247