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    The Grand Rapids Fire Department (GRFD) Training Center is located at 1101 Monroe Ave. NW, behind the Coldbrook Pumping Station. Our department is able to use this facility to meet many fire service training and education requirements.

    The GRFD Training Center classroom holds up to 40 students. It has a new double-screen multimedia video/audio system viewable from anywhere in the room.

    Within the Training Center is a two-story training house named "Terry's House". Terry's house was custom built by GRFD fire fighters and has many moveable features to challenge both recruit and veteran fire fighters. Frequently utilized is the many windows for ladder placement drills, fire fighter survival skills, pick-offs, and practice scenarios for our Confined Space (CSR)/Rope Rescue Team. Recently, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) has used the facility to train 250 of its members.

    We also have a sublevel obstacle course in which we challenge fire fighters using various forms of self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), focusing on problem solving skills as the students move through tunnels with difficult entanglements and tight spaces.

    Our personnel use the 20 foot deep manhole and two levels of lateral 24 inch diameter pipe for training our fire fighters, CSR/Rope Rescue Team, and Industrial rescue teams.

    For more information on training or the facility, please contact the Training/Employee Development Center.