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    Lee Finlayson
    Fire Training Chief

    Wes Kelley
    Fire Training Captain


    Steve Lohman
    Training Lieutenant


    Justin Holmes
    Training Lieutenant


    On Tuesday July 31, 2012 the Grand Rapids Fire Department unveiled its new live fire training facility. Located on city property at 2125 Butterworth SW, this multi-story building was designed and constructed entirely by fire department personnel; but not without an enormous amount of support from other city departments and the community that they serve.

    Utilizing transformation funds, the GRFD will have for the first time in its history a facility dedicated to training under the most realistic conditions they face on a daily basis. The building was assembled and customized by our firefighters to meet the needs of the department. With the skilled labor provided by our personnel as well as equipment and kind donations from other City departments and the private sector, the entire project was constructed for approximately 20% of the cost of a new building.

    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting0.JPG
    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting1.jpg
    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting2.jpg
    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting3.jpg
    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting4.jpg
    2012 Burn Building Ribbon Cutting5.jpg
    Click on map to view a PDF 
    of the Fire Training Center and
    Live Fire Training Facility locations. ​