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    “Working for your Future" 

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Grand Rapids Fire Department Strategic Planning Division is to provide  assistance to the fire department in terms of planning for both short and long term decision making and associated operational changes. This will be accomplished through a broad variety of insights and viewpoints utilizing various means such as historical data, projected performance, risk benefit analysis and comparison to the best practices of the fire service.


    Strategic Planning


    • Enhance the ability of the GRFD’s senior leaders to shape and manage the department’s readiness and efficiency.
    • Improve interdepartmental and external communication by providing up to date and pertinent information
    • Increase the transparency of the objectives, roles and responsibilities associated with each initiative to all parties involved.
    • Apply knowledge to assist in the development and improvement of the department, community and public institutions through the use of research and technology


    • Provide data analyzation and trends analysis to the chief officers of the GRFD to aid in the decision making process
    • Remain current with emerging best practices of the fire service
    • Research current and future areas of interest for the GRFD
    • Oversees the development of the department strategic plan, standards of cover and self assessment process
    • Utilize technology to assist the department in becoming more efficient and accurate
    • Conduct on-going risk assessment to be used in the decision making process
    • Work Closely with Dispatch, GIS, NFIRS program manager to assure accurate data input
    • Conceptualizing, developing and implementing media and advertising campaigns, marketing programs and various special projects.
    • Assists with compliance for ISO requirements
    • Manage the various analytical software programs in use (NFIRS 5 Alive, Fire View, crystal reporting)