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    The Grand Rapids Fire Department is currently not accepting
    job applications for the position of Firefighter. 

    You've Got What It Takes!

    Minimum requirements for employment in the Grand Rapids Fire Department
    • Minimum Age 18, no maximum age limit
    • Physical ability to perform job functions
    • Possession of valid Michigan motor vehicle operator's license.
    • Ability to: Communicate; hear, see (at least 20/30 corrected vision both eyes with contact lenses or glasses. At least 20/100 uncorrected for wearers of hard contacts or glasses. Long-term soft contact lenses not subject to uncorrected criterion), ability to manipulate items and self mobility.
    • Environmental conditions: outside in all weather conditions

    We've Got What You Need!

    We Offer:

    • Paid Sick Leave/Vacation
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Extra Pay for College Incentive
    • Pension Plan
    • Continuing Career Training and Education
    • Attractive Work Schedule
    • Job Security
      We are represented by Local 366 of the International Association of Fire Fighters (AFL-CIO).
    • Salary
      $41,211.00 - $62,961.00 Annually

    Comprehensive Insurance Packages
    We provide Group Hospital, Medical, Surgical, Dental and Optical insurance for employees, spouse and dependents.

    Paid Sick Leave/Vacation

    You accumulate 6 per year which you can carry over year to year for an unlimited amount.
    Vacation for every:
    1 - 10 years of service - 6 work days per year
    10 - 15 years of service - 9 work days per year
    15 + years of service - 12 work days per year

    College Credit Incentive

    If you have completed 30 hours of college credits approved by management you are paid $200 per year in addition to your annual salary. If you have completed 60 hours, you receive $400.

    Pension Plan

    The Grand Rapids Fire Department maintains an employee/management contribution pension which has a 25 year cap.

    Career Training and Education

    We provide our own Fire Academy. A new employee attends the Fire Academy for 16 - 18 weeks, and graduates with Fire Fighter I and II certifications. You will also be trained to meet certifications and standards established or requested by the national, state, or local fire department levels.

    Attractive Work Schedule

    Our work schedule is based on a 24 hour shift from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next day. You work one day on - one day off - one day on - one day off - one day on - four days off. You are also given one extra day off (approximately 4 per year) depending upon the FLSA work period schedule.​​​