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          Recent News, Press Releases, & "Fire" Worthy Topics



    • 2016 Fire Department Annual Report...get the details



    • 4th of July Fire Warning...get the details
    • Grand Rapids names new fire chief, Chief John Lehman...get the details
    • Lieutenant David Knisley...get the details
    • 5-9-2016 Fire at 16 Portsmouth Pl NE...get the details
    • 2016 Firefighter of the Year...get the details
    • 2015 GRFD Annual Report...get the details
    • 2-3-2016 GRFD battles 2 structure fires back to back...get the details
    • 1-21-16 Animal Rescue - Ice Rescue Group Deployed...get the details
    • 1-19-16 Fire - Lexington Ave NW - Smoke Alarms Alert Residents, Firefighters Injured...get the details


    • GRFD Receives FEMA Assistance to Firefighters grant for $1.3 Million ...get the details
    • 2014 GRFD Annual Report...get the details
    • Ed DeMaagd honored as the American Legion’s 2015 Firefighter of the Year...get the details
    • Job Announcement:  Firefighter.  Posted 1/16/2015 - closing 2/16/15.  Applications can be made through the City of Grand Rapids Human Resources webpage.


    • GRFD Community Fire Safety Day - Oct. 11, 2014...get the details
    • 648 4th NW - Fire Investigation 7-30-14...get the details
    • 648 4th NW - Apartment Building Fire 7-24-14...get the details
    • Self Assessment and Community Risk/Standards of Cover Workshops...get the details
      September 17-19, 2014 at the GRFD RTC
    • 2014 Michigan American Legion Firefighter of the Year - Equipment Operator Mike Uzarski...get the details
    • We are currently accepting applications for our 7th Fire Academy that starts on
      Tuesday September 16, 2014. Applications must be turned in by August 12, 2014...get the details
    • 804 Caulfield SW - Smoke Alarms Alert Residents 5-22-2014...get the details
    • 2014 Firefighter of the Year..get the details.
    • 2013 GRFD Annual Report...
    • 2880 Marshall Ave SE Fire 3/17/14...get the details
    • NFPA Fire Inspector I Class - Feb 2014...get the details


    • 961/963 Bridge Street NW Fire 10/28/13...get the details
    • 2013 GRFD Awards Ceremony...get the details
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems Protect People and Property...get the details
    • Fire Prevention Week Oct. 6th - 12th, 2013...
    • 2012 GRFD Annual Report...
    • 50 Weston SW Fire 5/3/2013...
    • Equipment Operator Mike Uzarski selected as 2013 Firefighter of the Year...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11
    • 3/20/2013 - 713 6th NW Fire...
    • Volunteer for the GRFD as an Intern or join the Fire Corps Program!
      For information on our Internship program please check this link...
      See more information on the Fire Corps program at
    • View all Fox 17 news reports on the GRFD from 02/27/13...
    • 4 year old Peyton visits LaGrave Station on his last day at Mary Free Bed
      Rehabilitation Hospital since his Christmas Day 2012 auto accident...
    • Want to make your home more safe? See our new Residential Safety program...


    • Effective November 30, 2012 - Bags and Tags not available at Fire Stations
      Click to view Fyler (English) or Flyer (Spanish)
    • Local Girls Wanted To Meet a Female Firefighter - They Got Chief Knapp...Local Girls Want To Meet Female Firefighter
    • Investigators Determine Cause of Fire at 1018 Prospect SE...
    • Eight Injured in Wednesday Morning Blaze...
    • GRFD responds to two SE blazes...
    • GRFD in the News -  view recent Media Reports on the GRFD...
    • Get the facts on Home Fire Sprinkler Systems (video)...
    • Fire Inspector II Class offered December, 4-7, 2012 by the GRFD Regional Training Center...
    • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new GRFD Live Fire Training Facility...
    • GRFD acquires transformation funds for QRV's and burn building...
    • Fireworks Cause Two Fires in Grand Rapids 7-10-12...Fire Lt Injured in House Fire 4-29-12
    • Unoccupied Home is a Total Loss after Early Morning Fire...Fire Lt Injured in House Fire 4-29-12
    • Consumer Fireworks Cause of Fire Damaging Multiple Structures...Fire Lt Injured in House Fire 4-29-12
    • GRFD Regional Training Center accepting applications for the 5th Fire Academy Class.Fire Lt Injured in House Fire 4-29-12
    • Fire Lieutenant Injured in House Fire 4-29-12...Fire Lt Injured in House Fire 4-29-12
    • Firefighter Dan Overbeek selected as 2012 Firefighter of the Year...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11
    • Press Release - Fire Fatality in Grand Rapids 4-4-12...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11
    • GRFD given ISO Class 2 rating...
    • 2011 Governor's Traffic Safety Award...
    • 2011 GRFD Annual Report...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11
    • Press release  - AFG Regional Grant 3-9-12...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11


    • Press Release - Fire Investigation at Kindel Furniture Factory 5/25/11...Fire Investigation at Kindel Funiture Factory 5/25/11
    • Congratulations to our Expo "Firefighter for a Day" Raffle winners:
      Dominic Fischer and Carly Duba!
    • Press release - LaGrave Fire Station 100th Anniversary Exhibit 05/11/11...Press release - LaGrave Fire Station 100th Anniversary Exhibit 05/11/11
    • Press release - Fire at 100 Garden SE 05/10/11...Press release - Fire at 100 Garden SE 05/10/11
    • Press release - Kindel Building Fire 05/09/11...Press release - Kindel Building Fire 05/09/11
    • Lieutenant Lee Finlayson selected as the 2011 Firefighter of the Year..Lieutenant Lee Finlayson selected as the 2011 Firefighter of the Year..
    • Press release - 127 Mayfield NE and 4142 Oak Park SE 04/15/11...127 Mayfield NE and 4142 Oak Park SE 04/15/11
    • Our Third Fire Academy started Tuesday 03/01/11, get the details...get the details


    • Fire Inspection Fees waived for 2010 Art Prize, Click here for more information...Check here for inspection fee information
    • Fire Department Honors its own at Awards Ceremony held at the John F. Donnelly
    • Retired Grand Rapids Arson Investigation dog Rhonda passes away...view story on
    • Congratulations to Captain Ron Tennant on his promotion to Battalion to view Battalion Chiefs
    • Press Release for fire at 1002 Leonard St NW 12-20-10...view Press Release for fire at 1002 Leonard St 12-20-10
    • Congratulations to Deputy Chief Gary Szotko who was awarded the 2010 Local
      Emergency Coordinator of the Year award in Traverse City during the 2010 Michigan
      Emergency Management Association (MEMA) Awards Banquet on 10/06/10
    • September 2010 Heroic Recognition Award presented to Police Officers
      Shawn Harmon, Chad McKersie and Todd Wuis...view the award presentation photo and information
    • Media Release - 5/14/10 City of GR accepts Federal SAFER Grant Money...View the Media Release
      (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response)
    • View the GRFD 2009 Annual Report...View the 2009 Annual Report
    • Also view our 2009 Response Time Report...View the response time report
    • And our Community Based Services information...View the community based services information
    • Firefighter rated most stressful job for 2010 by rated most stressful job for 2010 by
    • View the 2009 GRFD Prevention and Response Summary
      presented at the Public Safety Committee Meeting on 02/09/10...2009 Prevention and Response summary
    • With the generosity of the citizens, Gr Fire Fighters collected $25,562.46
      in the 2010 FILL THE BOOT DRIVE. Thank you to all who were involved!
    • 06/15/10 Battalion Chief Gerard Salatka promoted to Deputy Fire Chief of to view
    • Media Release - Townhouse fire at 2658 Camelot Drive SE 06/08/ to view
    • View photos from the Public Safety Expo held 05/01/ to view
    • Press Release 5/4/10: Firefighters rescue 4 from NW side house to view
    • Firefighter Joe Dubay Honored as 2010 Firefighter of the to view
    • You can protect yourself and your home from the major causes of home fire by
      taking basic precautions. The following link has valuable information and solutions
      to help you protect your family and to view
    • Media Release - Fire Vehicle Accident 2/28/10...Fire Vehicle Accident Information
    • GRFD members awarded 2009 Team of the Year by the City of Grand Rapids...2009 Team of the Year Award Information  


    • City Manager Names Laura Knapp as City's Fire Chief 12/15/ to view
    • Fire Department honors it's own at awards ceremony Oct. 22, 2009...view the press release
    • GRFD Partners with Fox 17 News to film Fire Safety Public Service to view mesagesclick to view messages
    • Interim City Manager Eric DeLong names Deputy Fire Chief Laura Knapp as Acting Fire to view
    • GR Firefighters raised $38,435.39 in this years 3 day MDA fill the boot to view information
    • GR Firefighters participated in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®; Friday May 29, here to view details
    • News update 5/26/09, from East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety; Fire at 2214 Lake DR. to EGR update
    • The GRFD partners with Heroes for a day, view the recent to hero for a day
    • Kristy Kehl is chosen as the 2009 fire fighter of the to article
    • $800,000 Grant received to purchase 2 Straight Stick Fire to view
    • The Grand Rapids Fire Department strives to achieve Accreditation to view