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    Residential Safety Program Public Service Announcements:

    English PSA   Spanish PSA


    Thanks to the efforts of Fire Hazard Inspector Ted Jensen and in cooperation with Fox 17 News the Fire Department was able to film twelve (FIRE SAFETY IS IN YOUR HANDS!) fire prevention videos. The safety reminders will run on Fox News channel 17, WGVSU, Regional College stations and also hopefully at local theaters before the beginning of a movie. Look for the clips to begin running in September on TV or view them from the link below as we prepare for Fire Prevention Week.

    Watch the Videos
        (Watch the Videos!) 


     Photos from the filming of the Fire Safety Messages and the Thank You to Fox 17.

    Fox news van      setting up the camera      State Fire Marshall Ron Farr      Fire Marshall Farr with Inspector Jensen 

    reviewing a clip      FF Harold Elmore filming      checking the light on FF Kara Johnson      Kara reviewing her clip

     FF Julian Arizola practicing his lines      Ted and Kristy check out the studio      FF Kristy Kekl preparing to film      Training Chief Kevin Sehlmeyer preparing to film

     welcome sign      presentation of Thank You card      Fox 17 lobby      Fox news director Tim Dye