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    2011 list of approved Smoke Detectors (PDF)


    The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) is a principal component of the Grand Rapids Fire Department's efforts to protect against loss of life and property in our city. The FPB focuses its efforts by proactively enforcing the City's Fire Code to ensure that existing commercial buildings remain fire-safe, by educating both the business community as well as the community at large in fire safety procedures and practices, and by providing technical expertise to the City's Development Center and Building Inspections Division on life-safety systems installed in new and remodeled buildings.

    Our responsibilities also include responding to fires to identify the origin and cause of accidental and intentionally set fires in order to prevent future fires. To determine fire origin and cause an examination and excavation of the fire scene is conducted. The fire scene is documented, evidence is collected, and interviews of owners, occupants, bystanders, witnesses, victims, and informants are conducted. We design fire safety education around the fire origin and cause that we obtain.


    Fire & Life Safety Program

    This is an overall fire safety program for owners and managers of commercial properties.  This program includes requirements for fire drills, emergency evacuation plans, public assemblies, building fire safety systems maintenance, and other requirements of the Grand Rapids Fire Code for commercial properties, to assist building owners and managers to maintain their buildings in a safe manner.

    Fire and Life Safety Systems Inspection Program

    Automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, commercial cooking hood suppression systems, and other life safety systems are required to be periodically inspected by licensed contractors.  The GRFD Fire Prevention Bureau does not conduct these inspections, but does review all inspection reports to ensure that building safety systems are being maintained in fully operable condition.

    Fire Safety Inspection Program

    Existing commercial buildings are inspected periodically to ensure maintenance of Fire Code provisions for life safety and property conservation. See Inspections & Permits for a pre-inspection checklist and other requirements for existing buildings.

    Operational Permit Program

    The Fire Code identifies a number of hazardous occupancies and processes which require a yearly permit from the Fire Department. 

    Operational Permits for Storage of Portable LP-Gas Containers handout

    Fire Safety Education

    Fire safety education is provided by fire inspectors and fire companies while they are performing their duties, as well as by direct presentations to groups of at-risk populations, such as early elementary students, college and university housing officials, and nursing home and assisted living facility operators.

    Browse through the collection of fire safety materials on our Web site.

    New Construction & Remodel Fire Safety System Inspections

    Fire Inspectors provide technical expertise to the Building Department by inspecting fire safety systems installed in new and remodeled buildings.  Builders and other contractors can find information for new construction and remodeling projects under Inspections & Permits and Frequently Asked Questions

    For more information email us.

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