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    We welcome your feedback about your experience with the Fire Prevention Bureau of the City of Grand Rapids Fire Department.  Please consider completing the following form.  Your comments are an important measure of our performance and will help to guide our ongoing efforts to improve our service.

    What was your role in your most recent interaction with the Fire Department?

    If "Other Role", please specify:

    How did you interact with the Fire Department most recently?  

    If "Other Interaction", please specify

    What service(s) were you seeking (please check all that apply)?

    If "Other Service", please specify

    For in-person or telephone interactions with the Fire Prevention Bureau, please rate your experience in the following categories:

    Courteous, Helpful and Professional Staff
    Knowledgeable staff
    Timely referral to the correct staff member
    Organization of information
    Value of suggestions and information
    Completeness of information
    Returned calls and emails in a timely manner
    Speed of service at the administrative office
    Convenient office hours
    Overall experience

    The following questions apply to Fire Prevention Inspections/ Inspectors:

    The scheduled day and time was convenient for you
    The Fire Inspector arrived on time for your appointment
    The Fire Inspector was courteous, helpful and professional
    The Fire Inspector explained Fire Code violations
    The Fire Inspector was able to answer my questions
    The Fire Inspector provided suggestions
    The Fire Inspector discussed time frame for repairs and re-inspection
    The Fire Inspector returned phone calls and/or emails in a timely manner
    The Fire Inspector was professional

    For online/website interaction, please rate your experience in the following categories:

    Completeness of available information
    Address of inspected property
    Organization of available information
    Fill-able forms
    Plan review comments
    Overall interactive experience

    Please provide any additional comments or suggestions:


    Zip Code:
    Home Phone:
    Would you like to be contacted for additional follow-up?