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    Fire investigations are conducted by members of the Fire Prevention Bureau who have been trained for this duty. The fire investigators' primary responsibility is to respond to fires to identify the origin and cause of accidental and intentionally set fires.

    To determine fire origin and cause an examination and excavation of the fire scene is conducted. The fire scene is documented by the investigator and GRPD forensic technicians, evidence is collected, and interviews of owners, occupants, bystanders, witnesses, victims, and informants are conducted. If it is determined that a fire was intentionally set, the case is referred to the Grand Rapids Police Department Investigative Division.  The fire investigators then provide technical expertise to GRPD detectives to assist in further investigation and prosecution for arson.

    The results of the investigation into the origins and causes of both accidental and intentionally set fires are forwarded to a nationally collected database.  Data from across the nation are used to target fire prevention efforts to address specific fire issues.

    The Fire Prevention Bureau also refers candidates to the
    West Michigan FIREmatch program for juvenile firesetters.

    Investigations Division
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