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    Grand Rapids Fire Department's (GRFD) Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) is responsible for enforcement of the International Fire Code (2012) as adopted in the Grand Rapids Municipal Code. Covered under the Fire Code are existing commercial occupancies (that is, every type of building except 1- and 2-family dwellings) and new installations of fire protection systems in buildings.


    FPB Inspectors respond to complaints of unsafe conditions by the public. They also inspect temporary cooking and gathering facilities (festivals, etc.) for fire safety.

    Fire Prevention Inspectors focus their work on higher risk occupancies, such as Assembly occupancies (restaurants, bars, theaters, clubs), Educational occupancies (elementary and secondary schools), Residential occupancies (apartment buildings, hotels, dorms) and Institutional occupancies (nursing homes, retirement homes) and Factory and Storage occupancies (using hazardous processes and manufacturing or warehousing dangerous products). Inspectors also advise fire companies conducting fire safety inspections in their response districts.

    For new construction and remodels, Inspectors provide technical expertise to the Grand Rapids Building Department by reviewing construction plans for automatic suppression (sprinkler) systems and Fire Alarm systems prior to permitting, as well as advising on placement and types of portable fire extinguishers. FPB Inspectors are responsible for final inspections of fire protection systems prior to issuance of Use & Occupancy certification by the Building Department. Lastly, Fire Inspectors calculate maximum occupant loads and issue capacity certificates for new and remodeled occupancies.

    In addition, the FPB reviews inspection reports of life safety systems (sprinklers, hood suppression systems, fire alarm systems, generators, fire pumps, etc.) to ensure that these systems remain capable of performing as they were designed and installed.