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    Man installing a smoke detector

    Check our Residential Safety Program page
    to see if you qualify for a free Home Safety
    Inspection and Smoke Alarm Installation.

    Smoke Detectors Information

    2011 List of approved Smoke Detectors (PDF)

    The City of Grand Rapids Smoke Detector Ordinance, Chapter 169, Home Safety requires hard wired (interconnected) smoke detectors with battery back up, or 10-Year Sealed Lithium Smoke Detectors (PDF) to be installed in residential rental properties.

    A residential rental property is defined as a residential dwelling that is a single-family rental or any other residential property with at least one rental unit. This includes two family and multi-family owner occupied whether the unit not occupied by the owner is: vacant, occupied by family members or tenants.

    Single family detached owner occupied dwellings are exempt from these specific requirements. The Fire Department recommends the same number of detectors and placement of alarms as above, but any brand or model of smoke detector is acceptable.

    A single family detached owner occupied dwelling is defined as a detached dwelling occupied only by the owner where no space in the dwelling can be occupied for rental.

    For smoke detector installation locations and placement on walls and ceiling please see our Smoke Detector Installation Guide (PDF).