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    The Grand Rapids Fire Department is Proud to Introduce "Smokey"
    • Runs over 21,000 alarms per year with reduced staffing
    • Serves a population of over 200,000 residents
    • Budget constraints have reduced fire prevention activities
    Smokey's Birth
    • Teaches Everyone Fire Safety in a fun new way
    • Over 100,000 Structure Fires Per Year Due To Children
    • 20% Of Fire Deaths are Children
    • 30% of the fire deaths are caused by children
    • City of Grand Rapids budget constraints
    • Fully funded by FEMA'S 2005 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant
    • Over 100 Off Duty hours into project by firefighters
    Why the Rapid?
    • Non-conventional Billboard to reach public
    • The Rapids System has over 7.4 million riders a year
    • Smokey cover's 185 square miles entailing 500,000 citizens
    • Students in Metro area rely on Smokey for a ride to school
    Smokey Highlights
    • Fire safety messages in English and Spanish
    • The average citizen will view Smokey 173 times in a year
    • Only a handful of fire safety buses like Smokey in the U.S.