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    South Battalion - Car 5
    Battalion Chief Margaret Felix
    Battalion Chief Dan Stoddard
    Nancy Boss
    Battalion Chief​
    Dan Stoddard
    Battalion Chief​
    Bruce Veldkamp
    Battalion Chief​

    North Battalion - Car 6

    DSX_4580 (2).jpg
    DSX_4112.JPG Battalion Chief Bart Perry
    Todd VanderWall
    Battalion Chief​
    Collin Kelly
    A/Battalion Chief​
    Bart Perry
    Battalion Chief​

         Portraits Courtesy of Wolbrink Studios 

    Battalion Fire Chiefs 

    There are currently 6 Battalion Chiefs, staffing two response districts. The 5th Battalion covers everything south of Fulton Street and east of the Grand River, working out of Franklin Fire Station. The 6th Battalion covers everything north of Fulton Street, as well as west of the Grand River south to the City Limits. This Chief works out of Monroe Ave Station.

     The Battalion Chiefs respond to most multi-company responses in their respective Battalions. They typically assume command of the incident, and ensure both the safety of our personnel as well as that of our customers. They also ensure that the crews on scene have the appropriate resources available to do their jobs. The opposing Battalion Chief may respond to multi-alarm incidents to work as a Group or Division Supervisor, Branch Director, Operations Chief or Safety Officer as needed and assigned by the Incident Commander on scene. They might also work with Fire Dispatch to ensure adequate coverage of the remainder of the City.

    Battalion Chief Command Vehicle

    Battalion Chief Command Vehicle 

    The Battalion Chiefs also manage the day to day operations of the fire suppression division. They manage many of the mechanics of getting personnel, equipment and companies to training, maintenance appointments, physicals, and a host of other activities, duties and obligations. They must also ensure adequate coverage of the City during all of these activities. They conduct periodic training and inspections of their companies.

     The Battalion Chiefs in general have been assigned many administrative tasks including handling and scheduling Community Interaction  Opportunities, Late for Roll Call follow-through, traffic calming assessment, and scheduling and ensuring proper follow up for ride-along requests. In addition, the South Battalion Chiefs have assumed the role of “Staffing Officer”, making work assignments for the next duty shif t.

     Each Battalion Chief is also assigned several areas of responsibility to manage and supervise, as follows:

    • Chief Boss: Radio
    • Chief Perry: Emergency Medical Services, Critical Incident Stress, Infection Control, Thermal Imaging
    • Chief Stoddard: Hose, Hydrants, Policies, Airport, COG, Dispatch
    • Chief Tennant: Safety, Injuries and Accidents, Hazardous Materials 
    • Chief VanderWall: Officer Development
    • Chief Veldkamp: Extrication, Wellness