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    ​​​​The Office of Energy and Sustainability


    ​​    We are committed to the principles of sustainability, where the interdependency of the natural environment, economic system and social structure of the City are recognized. This “triple bottom line” thinking is fundamental to all City policy and program decisions.

          The City of Grand Rapids has completed the Progress Report for its third year under the FY2011-FY2015 Sustainability Plan, which illustrates the 2012-2013 significant successes in the citywide initiative towards an economic, social and environmentally sustainable future.

          During FY13 many targets were updated to better reflect data collection methods or to provide a new, extended target for a previously met goal. Nonetheless, 99.9% of the Cities Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Targets have been completed or are in progress after the third year. Reports from staff following the City’s third year of Sustainability Plan implementation continue to show good results. 51% of the targets have been met and 48% are shown as being in progress. Less than 1% is showing little to no progress at this time. For annual comparisons between the targets of the FY2011-FY2015 Sustainability Plan throughout the past three years click here.​

          The report highlights how the City has been successful in meeting many of these targets, in part due to effective partnerships in the community and the region. Additional information about climate resiliency relative to Grand Rapids and West Michigan is also addressed following the release of WMEAC’s Climate Resiliency Report. Additionally, various awards, acknowledgements, and recognitions the City has received in 2012-2013 are also included in the Report.
    For more information about this report contact
     Haris Alibasic or Nancy Meyer.


          Using a system-wide approach to understanding climate change and concrete impacts on the local communities of Grand Rapids, West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) in partnership with the City of Grand Rapids, developed a Climate Resiliency Report.

          The report focuses on localization of climate change impacts and sets specific recommendations for the city to build resiliency in the local community and strengthen disaster recovery. Goals of the report are to initiate discussion and further enhance projects, policies, programs, and planning actions enabling Grand Rapids to mitigate the effects of climate change, to adapt to its impacts, and to utilize emerging sustainability opportunities. 

    To review the report in full, click here.​




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