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Customers at various times need to determine the water pressure at specific locations in Grand Rapids Water System. Fire hydrant flow-tests measure water main pressure in a location by opening and flowing consecutive fire hydrants over a short duration of time. One hydrant is gauged for pressure and another hydrant is flowed to determine the residual pressure of the water system at the location. Information gathered includes static pressure, residual pressure, pitot reading, main size, volume of flow, date of test, outlet size, and the local pressure district.
Only Grand Rapids Water System employees are authorized to conduct flow tests on our system. A fine will be charged to system intruders who try to conduct these tests on their own.
Flow test information is used by developers, insurance companies, engineering consultants, fire protection vendors and facility managers. System flow tests are available upon request for any location within the Grand Rapids Water System.

Please submit the Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form below if you require Fire Hydrant Flow Test information.
NOTE: Air temperature must be above 40 degrees in order to conduct a test.

Per the current version of the Water/Sewer Rate Study, if the existing data is determined to be insufficient by the requesting party (i.e. new data is required), a standard fee may be assessed.

* Call or email the Water System Hydraulic Engineer (616-456-4201) if you have questions.

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Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request

I. Requester Contact Information
II. Hydrant Information

Where do you want the test?
III. Additional Information

(Please list billing address, if different from above)
IV. Notice
  • Results will be provided to the requester by email.
  • There is $200 fee for a new flow test.