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    Official North Monroe Lot Closing
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    North Monroe Lot is now closed, and under ownership of the Parks and Recreation Department. This transfer of ownership is in order for them to begin the transition to a scenic riverfront green space area as part of the River Restoration Project and the GR Forward plan. 

    Thank you for your understanding 

    New Parking Meter Rollout Begins May 8th

    City of Grand Rapids will initially install forty (40) Parkeon pay stations north of Fulton Street and in some various locations around the downtown area. The new Pay-By-Space configuration means that the customer parks in a parking space, enters the space number into the pay station, and pays for parking. Here are answers to some common questions on the new pay stations:

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    Where will I find Pay-By-Space parking?

    Pay-By-Space parking is launching in the area of downtown south of Fulton, and in some nearby downtown locations.   

     How do I know that I am on a Pay-By-Space block?

    Look for space numbers on space marker posts. There is a unique four-digit number for a defined space indicates that the block is a Pay-By-Space location.​

    For more information, please reference our press release, here​.