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    Email  •   24-Hour Number  (616)456-3290
    Office Hours  7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday
    Office Address 50 Ottawa Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    What's Your Commute
    ​Parking and Mobility Census
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    Cual Es Tu Viaje Diario

    Censo de Estacionamiento y Movilidad

    Shaping Our Transportation Options 
    You a have role in shaping the future of Grand Rapids. We want to understand our community’s values, needs, and priorities when commuting. We want to understand people's commute patterns. Collective responses help us shape our transportation options in Grand Rapids.
    Transforme Nuestro Transportación
    Los datos coleccionados por el censo se utilizarán para crear una visión más clara sobre conmutar, informar discusiones sobre dónde y cómo se puede agregar más capacidad de estacionamiento, evaluar la demanda de servicios potenciales como car-share, y guiar mejoramientos a el DASH /y opciones de tránsito.

    Take the Parking and Mobility Census
    Take three (3) to seven (7) minutes of your time to complete ​our Parking and Mobility Census
    Tome el Censo de Estacionamiento y Movilidad
    Tome tres (3) o siete (7) minutos de tu tiempo para cumplir el Censo de Estacionamiento y Movilidad
    Encourage Participation
    Download our Parking and Mobility Census flier. Print and hang it in a common area to encourage your participation. The more responses we have, the better we plan our service offerings.
    Mobile GR Transportation​ Goal
    We set a goal to better manage parking demand in Grand Rapids. Our goal is to have 10 percent of trips using alternative modes of transportation. That leaves 90 percent of trips by car for residents and employees to get around the City. Knowing people's habits, helps us solve travel problems. 

    Survey Open Until September 30.
    Respond before September 30th to contribute to our future plans!​

    Job Site Polling
    ​Complete this On-Site Request Survey with your contact information and best times for our Mobile GR staff to come on site where your staff can complete the Parking and Mobility Census.​

    Download a Flier  
    Download our Parking and Mobility Census flier to print and post in a shared work space. 


    Changing Times
    Our culture and technology are changing transportation. The University of Michigan is using driverless vehicles starting Fall 2017. Incredible! 


    24-Hour Number  (616)456-3290

    Office Hours  
    7:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Monday - Friday

    Office Address 
    50 Ottawa Ave. NW
     Grand Rapids, MI 49503