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    Mobile GR & Parking Services - Pay-By-Space Parking FAQs

    City of Grand Rapids will initially install forty (40) Parkeon pay stations north of Fulton Street and in some various locations around the downtown area. The new Pay-By-Space configuration means that the customer parks in a parking space, enters the space number into the pay station and pays for parking. Here are answers to some common questions on the new pay stations.


    Where will I find Pay-By-Space parking?

    Pay-By-Space parking is launching in the area of downtown south of Fulton and in some various locations.   

     How do I know that I am on a Pay-By-Space block?

    Look for space numbers on space marker posts. A unique four-digit number for a defined space indicates that the block is Pay-By-Space.

                    actual meter look.png

    How do I park in the Pay-By-Space area?

    Space marker posts define the parking spaces in this area. Park like as you would at a traditional parking meter, so that the front or back of your car is lined up with one of the space marker posts.


    How do I pay for parking in the Pay-By-Space area?

    Park in a parking space, and remember the space number, enter parking space number into the pay station. Pay the pay station using coin or credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover). You may also use your Parkmobile App instead of the Multi-Space tower.


    When I pay at the pay station, which pay station should I use?

    To start a parking session, pay the pay station that is located closes to your vehicle.  


    If I need to add time (up to the maximum time limit of the meter) which pay station should I use?

    If you need to add time (up to the maximum time limit of the meter), you can do that at any pay station in the Pay-By-Space area, as long as your initial parking transaction has not expired.  


    Are the pay stations ADA compliant?

    Yes, they are ADA compliant.


    When can I park on a Pay-By-Space block?

    Parking Rules & Regulations have not changed. Enforcement hours are posted on the pay station.


    Do I need to display my receipt on the dashboard of my car?

    No, the enforcement officer will know if the space has been paid for. Please retain the receipt for proof of purchase purposes only.


    What if the pay station is out of order?

    Use another pay station in the vicinity of where you parked or use the Parkmobile app for a single-space meter. 


    What if I get a ticket, but I paid the pay station?

    Retain your receipt for proof of purchase. It can also be tracked if you used a credit card for a successful purchase. Please call 616-456-3020 for questions regarding parking tickets.