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     Community Partner 
     UICA's 2017 ArtWorks Program

    Providing the Canvas
    Mobile GR and Parking Services and CWD Real Estate joined the UICA's Artworks program as a community partners. Our Gallery Parking Ramp has two pedestrian corridors, one that leads into the UICA and the other into the Gallery Apartments. Previously blank walls, students were set to task to bring them to life with public murals. ​
    Working with Clients and Building Skills
    Students learned skills in working with clients  to accomodate their needs and preferences. The activity provided students with real world experience working in the design industry.  
    The Creative Process
    Students met with businesses and members of the community in order to develop ideas that would resonate with the neighborhood. The mural group developed six creative designs that highlighted important social topics such as race relations, mental illness, water and air pollution, and use of alternative transportation. 
    three heads.jpg
    Community Murals
    Students then worked to realize their design, using technical and business skills to budget for paint and transfer the design to the larger space. 
    Visit the UICA
    Check out their work in person at the Gallery Parking Ramp! 
     ArtWorks Program
    The program engages students for students 14-18 years old this summer. 
    pattern (1).jpg
    Gaining Skills
    Students worked together. with the community, and partners to build their designs 
    Lots of Math 
    Transposing the maps from their designs included a lot of math said one of the participantshaving fun.jpg
    Real World Projects
    Students were paid for the work they put into the two community projects
    Celebrating their Successes
    The UICA celebrated the students, community partners, and partners by presenting their process and projects at the end of the program
    Learn More 
    Visit the UICA's webpage for information about the UICA's ArtWorks youth program