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    Bike Share Study
    Where It All Began
    Bike Share systems have existed since 1965. They only gained widespread popularity in the last 10 years. The advancements of technology have helped with this growth. 

    The idea for Bike Share in Grand Rapids came from our community.  The GR Forward and Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan process identified bringing bike share and rentals.
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    GR Forward
    In 2014, the Planning Department worked with Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. to collaborate with the community on a plan for downtown and the Grand River. Almost 5,000 Grand Rapidians helped shape the plan by providing input at 360 events. 

    In 2015, City Commission approved the GR Forward Downtown and River Action PlanThis document is a community action and investment plan. ​It features six (6) goals with strategies on how to achieve these goals.
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    Establishing Mobile GR
    GR Forward recommended the City establish the Mobile GR and Parking Services Department. The department now serves as a source for mobility information and programs. Our department also manages parking and DASH services. We also collaborate with organizations and businesses to offer mobility solutions. 
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    Bringing Bike Share to Grand Rapids
    Mobile GR now leads implementing of GR Forward's Goal 3, Implement a 21st century mobility strategy. A strategy of this goal is to bring bike share to Grand Rapids.​ 

    City Commission Approved Study and Consultant
    In February of 2017, City Commission approved the study. Mobile GR and the Downtown Development Authority funded this study. A community team selected Sam Schwartz Engineering as the lead study consultant.

    Purpose of Bike Share Study
    We want to be responsible and equitable in our approach to Bike Share. We need to know that a Bike Share System would work in cost, revenue, and operation. We need to know that we can design a Bike Share system for everyone to use. To do this, we need to study:
    • What other cities are doing
    • Where and​ what people would use it
    • How much it would cost for people to use 
    • How much would it cost to set up and operate
    • How we would market the service
    • How we make the system equitable
    • Who would operate and own the system​
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    • Project kickoff
    • Peer city review
    • Data collection
    September – October
    • Market analysis
    • Outreach
    • Business plan development
    November – December
    • Business plan refinement
    • Refine final report
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    John Bailey
    Huntington Bank 

    Julio Cano
    Latino Community Coalition

    Sarah Chartier
    Spectrum Health

    Lisa Haynes
    Grand Valley State University

    Cle Jackson
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield 

    Laurel Joseph
    Grand Valley Metro Council

    Ruth Kelly
    City Commissioner

    Kyama Kitavi
    City Economic Development

    Senita Lenear
    City Commissioner

    Josh Lunger
    Chamber of Commerce

    Trent McCurren
    Founders Brewing

    Yazeed Moore
    William K. Kellogg Foundation

    Jon O'Connor
    City Commissioner 

    Diana Sieger
    Grand Rapids Community Foundation 

    Doug Small
    Experience GR

    Amy Snow-Buckner
    Mayor Bliss' Office

    Kim Thomas
    Priority Health 

    Conrad Venema
    The Rapid (Interurban Transit Partnership)

    Stephanie Wong
    Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.