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    General traffic signal inquiries, comments, and complaints are welcomed and can be reported to (616) 456-3066 or by dialing 311.
    The City of Grand Rapids Traffic Safety Department will provide traffic signal timing permits for analysis purposes by engineering professionals upon written request.  Please contact our office via email or phone (616) 456-3066 to request a timing permit.  If the location is not owned by the City of Grand Rapids, then written permission from the owning agency must be obtained prior to release of any information.  Please contact the owning agency first, if known.
    All non-engineering related information requests, including requests pertaining to a crash or traffic dispute, must be made pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act with the City of Grand Rapids City Attorney's Office.  Please specify the location, time frame, and what type information is being requested.  Some examples are: traffic signal timing permit, timing parameters/controller all data report, malfunction management unit logs, maintenance service logs, intersection drawings, cabinet schematics, component model numbers/serial numbers, related notes/emails.  Information availability varies by location and additional charges may be incurred for gathering information not readily available.
    Additional Resources
    • Traffic Counts - Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC)
      This traffic count data base contains raw traffic count information collected from local jurisdictions and the Michigan Department of Transportation annually and is included in the data base. 
    • Temporary Occupancy Permits - The Engineering Department issues Temporary Occupancy Permits, Utility Permits, and Encroachment Permits.  For more information about the permit process, please call616-456-3000.