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    • Regulations - There are many regulations that the City of Grand Rapids is required to implement and enforce such as City-Ordinance.aspx
    • Green Spaces - Grand Rapids has been incorporating innovative stormwater infrastructure with green spaces such as Joe Taylor Park
    • Report it don’t ignore it.
      Environmental issues or questionable practices need to be reported. Download your free GRCity311
      smart phone app from our website You can instantly report to us any suspicious or illegal acts against the environment. We will investigate all reported incidents. You can also call us at 456-3246 to report any environmental issues or questionable environmental practices.  If you see anyone dumping anything into a storm drain, roadside curb, or the ground…
    • Fifteen to the River" - A Stormwater Education video. In Grand Rapids, it takes only 15 to 30 minutes for contaminated rain and stormwater to reach the Grand River and comparable waterways via the municipal stormwater sewer or by flowing directly into its tributaries. View the video below -
      15 To The River
    • Ever see those "big yellow City trucks that make a lot of noise and have tubes coming out the front of them"? They  are combination vacuum/jet trucks that are utilized to maintain our infrastructure. View the video below - Combination Vacuum/Jet Truck
    • Are you a fan of history? Sewers are a fascinating subject! Especially to those of us that deal with them on a daily basis. Check out this website Sewer History
    • Where does "the other" water go? It goes to the City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) - Sustainability goals and the triple bottom line....View the video below - Sustainability  





     Combination Vacuum/Jet Truck


     15 To The River