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     Anatomy of a Catch Basin

    Below is a cross section of a catch basin. The debris in the bottom portion (sump) should be no more than half of the total volume of the sump. If you notice that your Basin Buddy has ate too much (more than half full) contact us!
    Illustration How a basin works.PNG


     Basin Buddy Program


    The Basin Buddy Program was created to educate and involve City of Grand Rapids residents in the care, maintenance and complexity of the storm water infrastructure. City residents can earn GRCity points by adopting a catch basin. All you need to do is complete a few simple steps:

    1 - Educate yourself! Watch the Basin Buddy video so that you can learn how to properly care for your Basin Buddy. After you have watched the E-Toon, take the simple quiz to be qualified to adopt.

    2 - Choose your Basin Buddy! Explore the Basin Buddy map found under the "Overview" tab to find a catch basin that is available for you, your family or organization  to care for.   

    3 - Communicate! In order to remain the care giver for your Basin Buddy for longer than one year - we must hear from you! You can view new E-Toons on the Basin Buddy website, send us an e-mail regarding your Basin Buddy and you ( - be creative! Send us a letter, pictures, tell us your story - We would love to hear from you!

    Basin Buddy, City of Grand Rapids - ESD, 1300 Market Avenue SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503



     Basin Buddy EToon

    Get Microsoft SilverlightBasin Buddy EToon

     Earn myGRcity points



    Click the appropriate link below to get myGRcity points for watching the E-Toon.

    I have viewed the E-Toon video, know the secret code and I am already registered with myGRcitypoints.

    I have viewed the E-Toon video, know the secret code and I am NOT registered with myGRcitypoints.

    After you acquire myGRcitypoints for watching the E-Toon, you will need to take the simple quiz to be qualified to be a Basin Buddy.

    If you prefer not to receive myGRcitypoints, proceed....


     I have viewed the E-Toon video and I am ready to take the quiz by clicking HERE