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    Basin Buddy Care

    • Properly dispose of hazardous waste and recycle used motor oil.
    • Use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides sparingly and follow the manufacturer's instructions or use natural yard care techniques.
    • Keep yard waste, trash, and debris off of the street and out of the gutters. You can help the flow of stormwater by adopting a catch basin close to your home or place of work and regularly remove any accumulation of leaves and debris and properly disposing of these items. You can also help by not raking or blowing leaves or debris into the streets.
    • Clean up after your pets. Pet waste is a major source of bacteria and nutrients that are harmful to waterways like streams and rivers. Pick it up and dispose of it properly. 
    • Wash your car at a carwash facility or park your car on the grass before you wash it. The mixture of soap and grim that is created by washing your car is toxic to fish and other wildlife. If you use a carwash facility, the wash water is recycled and left over pollutants are sent to the wastewater treatment plant. 
    • Get involved and be part of the solution. Spread the word about protecting our streams and habitat from polluted runoff and help Grand Rapids create a more successful Stormwater Management Program.  
    • For stormwater related emergencies and to report illegal dumping or illicit discharges please call 456-3246 or report the violation at GRcity311