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    MAP INFORMATION: If you type in an address (include City and State) next to the magnifying glass that is located at the top of the map - then press your enter key - the map will focus in on the area you entered. If you select a symbol on the map - you will be given some of the physical characteristics of the infrastructure such as the date it was created, material it is made of, size, etc. A green circle represents a stormwater manhole. A turquoise triangle represents a catch basin available for adoption - A fuchsia circle represents a basin that is being cared for and is not presently available for adoption. A green slice of pie shaped figure with a "!" in the center of it, is an outfall or discharge point of the stormwater system to a body of water - such as a river or creek. Green lines represent stormwater piping.
    When you find the basin that you would like to adopt - Write down the Basin ID.
    You will need this for the Adoption Process.
    Adoption Information: 
    First and Last Name - this is for City Staff information only! We do not publish this information on our website or anywhere else
    Screen Name - choose a name that you would like to have viewed publically as the "adopted by:" portion of the website - i.e. Johnson family, Susie or Sweet St. resident.
    E-mail - this is also for City staff information only! We do not publish this information on our website or anywhere else. If you send us information regarding your Basin Buddy or you participate in additional education opportunities - we will use your e-mail address for validation purposes or to advise you of your status.
    Street # and Name - this is for City Staff information only! We do not publish this information on our website or anywhere else.  
    Basin Buddy Number -  when you hover your mouse over a basin - the status and Basin Number will appear on the screen. If the Basin has already been adopted or if it is owned by someone other than the City - you will be advised.
    Buddy Name - yes, you do get to choose your Basin Buddy's name! This info does appear on the website so, make sure it is appropriate. Names will be reviewed before they are made public.

     Choose a Basin Buddy


     Please fill out separate form for each Basin if adopting more than one Basin Buddy.


    An email will be sent to you with your code for myGrcity Points once you are approved. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for adoption approval.