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    Environmental Tip #5
    Report it don’t ignore it.
    Environmental issues or questionable practices need to be reported. Download your free GRCity311
    smart phone app from our website You can instantly report to us any suspicious or illegal acts against the environment. We will investigate all reported incidents. You can also call us at 456-3246 to report any environmental issues or questionable environmental practices.  If you see anyone dumping anything into a storm drain, roadside curb, or the ground…
    Report it-Don’t ignore it
    What can YOU do to help? 
    1. Clean debris from storm drains in all seasons.
    2. Never dump grass clippings, vehicle fluids, animal wastes, or anything down a storm drain.
    3. No one should ever discharge into a manhole. If you see these activities notify us immediately!
    4. Dispose of unwanted paints, solvents, and cleaners at your county household hazardous waste collection center.
    5. Pollution can be any type of waste or chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment.
    With your help we can put a stop to pollution.