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    Drain the rain

    It is illegal to pump ground water or rain water into the sanitary sewer system. Ground water from your footing drain (or other sources) must go to the storm water sewer system or be returned back to the environment.

    During wet weather, illegal connections can allow ground water to overload the collection system. This can cause sewage to backup in homes and increases the cost of treating wastewater.

    What can YOU do to help?
    1.  Redirect your sump pump discharge to the storm water sewer system or to an outside area for natural drainage.

    2.  Slope your landscape downhill, away from the foundation of your house and place extensions on your downspouts to direct water away from your house, as well as your neighbor's.

    3.  Plant a rain garden to utilize the rain water as well as to beautify your yard.

    4.  Utilize a rain barrel to capture and reuse the rain water.


    The City is implementing a program to assist residents to redirect footing drain discharges. For information on the City assisted Footing Drain Disconnection (FDD) program and other helpful information, visit our FDDP website or call us at 456-3625.