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    Don't rush to flush!

     Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP's) include prescription drugs, over the counter medications and cosmetics. They can pass through wastewater treatment plants in small amounts and find their way into rivers and lakes. Controlling what goes down the drain helps to protect our environment and quality of life.

    What can YOU do to help?Environmental Tip 2

    1.  Don't flush PPCP's down the toilet.
    2.  For expired or unused medicine disposal:
              (a) Find a local pharmacy that participates in the West Michigan "Take Back Meds" program.
              (b) For both solids (pills) and liquids, scratch out or black out the patient's name and address before taking it to the participating pharmacy. The pharmacy must be able to see the medication type so they can properly sort it.
    3.  Controlled Substances and medications must be taken to a participating local law enforcement station and deposited into the secured drop off box located in the lobby area.
    For additional information and a complete list of participating pharmacies and law enforcement agencies and their locations go to: or (Phone: 456-3625) With your cooperation we can keep your home and community safe.