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    From CSO villain to SEWER-HERO!!!

    The City of Grand Rapids’ Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) project was featured in the Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition August 2010 edition as a “success story!” The article featured five major cities in the midwest as having trouble with sewage and stormwater pollution leaving their combined sewer pipes and finding its way to the Great Lakes Watershed. The article took a strong look at Detroit, Milwaukee, Gary, Cleveland, and Buffalo. These five cities know their problem and would like to fix it, but money is needed. The article also looked at six midwest cities as being a strong example of success and Grand Rapids made the list. We are very proud to have reduced our CSO discharges by 99% and hope this lets our sewer users know, their money was well spent.

    The sewer users in Grand Rapids have funded our CSO project to a tune of $210 million dollars and to their credit, we have become a success story! The project is not over and more sewer pipes need to be uncombined, but we are well on our way! We have also been working hard on our own green infastructure of rain gardens, rain barrels and stormwater education. The article is clear about our past, even calling us a villian, but be sure to note our new title: “SEWER-HERO.”

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