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    Congratulations Grand Rapids! Together We Have Produced One Of The Greatest Environmental Success Stories In City History.
    The City of Grand Rapids, the City Engineer’s Office and the Environmental Services Department (ESD) have reached a milestone public works achievement nearly 30 years in the making. Completing the City’s $400 million Sewer Improvement Project represents a massive undertaking that is helping to protect public health and preserve the quality of the Grand River Basin for current and future generations.
    The monumental accomplishment of eliminating all of the City’s in-system overflow points where untreated combined sewage could overflow to the Grand River significantly improves our environment – both in Grand Rapids as well as in downriver communities such as Grand Haven and Spring Lake. This effort would not have happened without the strong leadership of City staff, Mayors and City Commissions and the will of Grand Rapids’ residents and ratepayers to see this through.
    City officials, the ESD and our stakeholder partners are working together to ensure that Grand Rapids continues to be recognized as a national leader for its embrace of environmental innovation and stewardship.