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    What I Need To Do

    Become informed by reviewing the information on this website or the information in the packet that was delivered to your targeted neighborhood. If you have questions or would like additional information contact the City of Grand Rapids Footing Drain Disconnection Program (FDDP) Manager – Carrie Rivette at (616) 456-3057 or via e-mail at

    Arrange for an in-home project evaluation with one of the “Approved Contractors” to determine if there is a need for disconnection. A list of “Approved Contractors” is included in the information packet delivered to target area homes and is available under the “Contractor List” tab of this website. The “Approved Contractor” should be respond to your request for service within three (3) business days.

    The “Approved Contractor” must have the property owner sign a release form before inspecting the property for improper connections. The “Footing Drain Disconnection Program Release” form reaffirms that you understand the “Approved Contractor” is responsible for the work done on your property not the City of Grand Rapids. If there is a need for disconnection, the scope of the project will be outlined and the contractor will define which portion of the projects expense will be covered by the City of Grand Rapids and what, if any, portion of the project will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Generally all expenses are covered under the program

    When the body of work and associated costs has been identified, the “Approved Contractor” will submit the necessary forms to secure funding to the Project Manager for approval. If the sum of the City costs exceeds $4500.00, the contractor will submit additional paperwork explaining the need for such costs and the homeowner will be required to contact a different “Approved Contractor” from the list provided to get a second estimate in order to secure funding.

    This is only needed if the estimated City cost for disconnection exceeds $4500.00. The “Approved Contractor” with the lowest estimate will be selected to perform the work.

    The “Approved Contractor” will contact the homeowner to schedule the work after receiving approval from the Project Manager.

    Once your project has been completed, please return the postage -paid survey (postcard) which lets the FDDP team know if the body of work has been completed to your satisfaction or if you have any concerns that need to be addressed.


    If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by the "Approved Contractor" please fill out the second postcard you should have received from the "Approved Contractor". If you did not receive this postcard please contact the Project Manager at (616) 456-3635.