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    ​Systematic Sidewalk Program
    The City of Grand Rapids started the systematic sidewalk program after voters, in May 2014, approved transferring sidewalk repair responsibilities from homeowners to the City. Under the program, the City inspects and repairs sidewalks as needed each year in an area in each ward. The areas will rotate each construction season on a 15-year cycle to cover the entire City. 

    The 2015 areas are as follows:
    • Contract 1 (Ward 1; April to June) includes everything north of Richmond to the City limit and from the west City limit to Oakleigh.
    • Contract 2​ (Ward 2; tentatively July to September) covers the area bordered by Michigan, Division, College, and Coldbrook not included in the Livingston Reservoir project.
    • Contract 3 (Ward 3; tentatively September to November) includes the area bordered by Wealthy, Lake, Fuller, Glenwood, and Franklin.​
    What to Expect in Advance of Construction
    City inspectors walk the sidewalks while wearing bright colored vests. Inspectors mark the sidewalk with spray paint​ to instruct the contractor.

    What to Expect During Construction​​
    The contractor will notify impacted residents of the construction with a door hanger and coordinate work on sidewalk adjacent to driveways.

    The contractor will work on one side of the street at a time. No on-street parking will be permitted from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the side of street the contractor is working on. The contractor will place no parking signs by the road in advance of construction.

    Contact Information
    For Project Questions
    City Community Engagement Division
    311 or 456-3000