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    ​​Sidewalk Division

    ​​Sidewalk Continuation Program
    The continuation program fills gaps in the sidewalk network by installing sidewalk where it previously did not exist.

    Current Projects:

    Completed Projects:
    Complaint / Owner Request Repair Program
    The City inspects and fixes sidewalks that present a danger to pedestrians in response to complaints or property owner requests. Examples of issues that are addressed by this program include missing sidewalk squares, trip hazards, and large holes. Sidewalk squares that have cracks or minor defects that are flat will not be repaired by this program, but may be repaired by the systematic sidewalk repair program.

    Citizens who have concerns regarding their sidewalks can request an inspection by calling 3-1-1 or 456-3000, visiting the 311 website, or using the 311 mobile app.

    Due to the large number of repair requests logged following the May 2014 voter approval transferring sidewalk repair responsibilities from homeowners to the City, a permanent repair may happen a year out from the time of inspection. Until a permanent repair can be made, a temporary measure such as an asphalt patch may be used.

    Systematic Sidewalk Repair Program
    The City started the systematic sidewalk program after voters approved transferring sidewalk repair responsibilities from homeowners to the City in May 2014. Under the program, the City inspects and repairs sidewalks as needed each year in a designated area in each ward. These areas rotate each construction season on a 15 year cycle to cover the entire city.

    The Systematic Sidewalk Repair Program has been suspended for 2016 while the City focuses on addressing a large number of complaint repair requests.

    Snow Removal Complaints
    City ordinance requires that property owners clear all ice and snow, full width, down to the concrete, from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snow fall. 

    If the City receives a complaint about a sidewalk that has not been cleared, a violation notice will be given to the property owner (either by posting of the property or by mail to the property owner). If the sidewalk is not cleared within 48 hours following the notice, the City will hire a contractor to complete the work and bill the property owner for the labor.

    Submitting a Complaint
    Residents who encounter a sidewalk that has not been cleared within the 24 hour window may file a complaint by calling 3-1-1 or 456-3000 or through the Online Inspection Services website by clicking the "enforcement" tab and then "report a code violation".

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