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     North Monroe

    For more information regarding updated licensed contractors for 2013, please contact our office at (616) 456-3243.


    To submit a Sidewalk Point-of-Sale inspection request:
    1. For first-time users only, register for an Inspection Services online user account (after you follow the link, click “Register for an Account” at the top-right of the page).


    2. Once registered, complete the Sidewalk Point-of-Sale inspection request application (you will be prompted to log in to your Inspection Services online user account).

    Registration only takes a minute and will allow you to access the full range of our services. Follow these simple instructions and get started today!

    The Sidewalk Division requires two weeks to complete the inspection and provide the results to the requesting entity and the property owner of record. If you have scheduled your closing and order the inspection with less than two weeks, we can not guarantee that the inspection will be completed. The closing date may be delayed until you have the results from our office; it is a violation of City ordinance to close without a Compliance Certificate or a Notice to Repair from the Sidewalk Division.

    The Sidewalk Division will not perform the inspection on the property until we are in receipt of the $95.00 inspection fee. This may be paid by one of the following methods:

    • Complete the online application and pay through the secure online portal.
    • You may mail in a check, made payable to the City of Grand Rapids Treasurer, along with your inspection request
    • You may pay in cash at our office, which is located in the City Development Center at 1120 Monroe Ave NW on the 3rd floor.

    In situations where a closing date is less than one week away, please feel free to contact the Sidewalk Division to arrange a Rush Inspection. This inspection guarantees results up to twelve business hours from the time of the inspection request.
    ** Please note there is an additional $100 fee (making the total cost of the inspection $195.00) involved in order to facilitate the rush inspection.


    In order to complete the inspection, the public sidewalk, service walk, and/or driveway approach (to include 4ft. of curb on each side of approach and 2ft in front of approach) must be cleared of snow/ice, (grass edge to grass edge) the length of the property down to bare pavement, and salted. As soon as this is done, please contact our office (no later than 2:00pm) and an inspector will be notified that the property is ready for inspection.


    The City requires that public sidewalks be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours following the precipitation event by the owner of the adjacent property. Complaints regarding sidewalks that have not been cleared within this timeframe may now be submitted online through the Inspection Services Portal. To do so, go to Online Inspection Services, click on the “Enforcement” tab, then click the “Report a Code Violation” link. Complainants will need the address of the property adjacent to the sidewalk that has not been cleared, and will need to provide a description of the complaint (e.g., ”snow covered sidewalk on west side of street”). Complainants may enter their contact information, but this is not required. Once the complaint has been submitted, it will be assigned a tracking number that can be used to follow the status of the complaint.

    Before submitting a complaint, please wait at least 24 hours after the precipitation event to give the property owner time to clear the sidewalk, and to allow the City to focus its inspectors on valid complaints.

    Can't open the forms above? Download a free version of Acrobat Reader.


    The City of Grand Rapids sidewalk rules and regulations, applications for Sidewalk Builder's License (both for new and renewal of license) are documents available for download by clicking on the links above.