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    My property was damaged in connection with a current construction project, who do I contact?

    If the project is currently under construction, contact the Engineering Department at 616-456-3060 or To file a claim regarding property damage, please contact Risk Management, Susan Kramer at 616-456-4670 or For bodily injury claims, please contact the City Attorney's office at 616-456-3181.

    I have a question about a current or future construction on my street?

    For projects currently under construction, visit Construction Updates. For future project questions please contact the City of Grand Rapids Engineering Department at 616-456-3060 or

    I want to report a road repair issue?

    To report a road repair problem or for other customer service issues, please visit the City of Grand Rapids Customer Service website.

    My basement is flooded due to a sewer backup?

    Contact the City Environmental Service Sewer Maintenance Division at 616-456-3246 to report the backup.

    My property is receiving storm water runoff from a neighboring property and it's causing a problem?

    For Storm Water Drainage problems or any type of water draining problem contact, Pat Snyder at 616-456-3472 or

    CAD Drawings

    How do I get right-of-way as-built information (locations of existing underground utilities)?

    Contact the Engineering Department at 616-456-3060 or and provide information about which City utility you need to locate and the specific boundaries you are interested in (e.g. the street name and from where to where). If you are looking for information on "private" utilities (DTE, Consumers Energy, Comcast, AT&T, etc.), you will need to contact them directly.

    I have a question concerning the City's CAD Standards?

    For information concerning the City's CAD Standards, please visit City of Grand Rapids Engineering Department - CAD Standards. For further questions, you may contact Jack Stegehuis at 616-456-3715 or

    What should I submit for check-print?

    For information concerning the submittal of a check-print to the Engineering Department, please visit the City of Grand Rapids Engineering website, select CAD Standards and scroll down to the section titled Check Print Submittals. For further information regarding check prints, contact Engineering Department at 616-456-3060 or

    Front Foot Charges

    I am/represent a realtor and want to know if front foot charges are due on a property?

    Please provide us with the Permanent Parcel Number and street address and we will research utility information around the parcel. Contact Mark Garvey at 616-456-4045 or

    I have a question concerning front foot charges due on a property prior to service connection to City sanitary sewer or water main?

    Every parcel connecting to our water or sewer system is responsible for the initial cost of building that utility line over the width of their parcel. If you are unsure whether or not your property owes these front footage charges, provide us with the site address and permanent parcel number and we will research those utilities. These deferred assessments vary per calendar year based on the annual rate study. Contact Mark Garvey at 616-456-4045 or


    How do I get a copy of the City's Standard Construction Specifications book and what's the cost?

    An electronic copy is available on our website. A hardcopy of the City's Standard Construction Specifications book can be purchased in the City's Engineer's Office located on the 5th Floor of City Hall for $20.00 (cash or check accepted). Checks should be written out to the City of Grand Rapids.

    I have a question about street lighting on my street?

    For general questions regarding street lighting, please contact Tom Drake with the Lighting, Signals and Signs Department at 616-456-3627 or To report light outages or malfunctions contact the Lighting, Signals and Signs Department anytime at 616-456-3281 or by using the MyGRCity 311 App.

    I have a question about street signs on my street?

    For questions regarding a particular sign or to request a review of current or proposed restrictions please contact the Traffic Engineering Department 616-456-3066 between the hours of 8AM - 4:30PM. To report a damaged or missing sign, contact the Traffic Engineering Department anytime (24/7) by calling 616-456-3066.


    How do I acquire a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP)?

    To acquire a TOP you must submit a completed request form. To begin, go to the Development Center Login/Registration Portal. Fees for TOPs are based on the location and amount of right-of-way needed. The expected turn around for a permit is 5 business days from the time the completed application is received. For further information or a quote for a location, please contact Dan Nederhoed with the Engineering Department at 616-456-4471 or

    What permission do I need to place a dumpster in the road or on my property?

    To place a dumpster in the road, you must submit a completed request form for a Temporary Occupancy Permit. To begin, go to the Development Center Login/Registration Portal ; To place a dumpster on your private property, contact the Zoning Dept. at 616-456-3031.

    I would like to hang a banner/sign in front of my business, who should I contact to help with this?

    To hang a banner in front of a business requires a sign permit from the Planning Department, Richard Garbrecht at 616-456-4498 or If the banner hangs over the City's right of way it will require an Encroachment Permit from the Engineering Department, Jon Oeverman at 616-456-3846 or To hang a banner on a City light pole for an upcoming event, a banner permit can be obtained by contacting Jonathan Oeverman with the Traffic Engineering Department at 616-456-3846 or

    Can I have a circle drive or two driveways to my property?

    Circle drives and more than one driveway are not usually permitted in the City of Grand Rapids, with the exception of corner lots where a driveway may be allowed from each street if there is sufficient space. Contact the Traffic Safety Department at 616-456-3066 to inquire about all new driveway locations.

    I do not have a driveway. How do I get permission to build one?

    You will need a permit from the City's Traffic Safety Department, a Sidewalk Permit, and possibly approval from the City's Zoning Department. Please be aware that parking in the front yard is not permitted when planning your driveway location.


    I would like to sign up for the City's Lead Water Service Replacement Program?

    Our Lead Service Abatement Program is available to any homeowner hooked to our water system with a lead water service. Payments are due annually over a ten-year period on this 7% interest loan. There is no penalty for early payoff. For further information, contact Mark Garvey at 616-456-4045 or


    My neighbor has installed a fence and it's on my property?

    Consult with a Professional Surveyor to have your property surveyed to have a factual document. There are several Surveyors listed in the yellow pages under "Surveyors, Land." Once you have a Certified Survey that shows the fence over the property line, approach your neighbor with a copy of the Survey and let them know of the encroachment. This is the best "first step" if your neighbor is approachable. If you do not feel comfortable contacting your neighbor alone, request the presence of a police officer. Do not call 911 for this request. The number for general questions is 616-456-3403.

    Can I buy the alley or part of the street adjacent to my property?

    Public right-of-way (streets and alleys) cannot be sold per the Grand Rapids City Charter. It must be vacated in the courts and is a very lengthy and expensive process.

    How do I find the dimensions of my property, or locate my lot lines?

    Check the deed for your property, and review your survey if you have one. Property descriptions can be accessed on Kent County's website and recorded plat information is available from the State of Michigan.

    I would like a survey of my property, who do I contact?

    If you need a survey of your PRIVATELY-owned property, you should contact a local company that offers residential or commercial property survey services. Survey or Staking requests on CITY-owned property are referred to the City's Surveyor, John Wiles. Please contact John Wiles at 616-456-3642 or Additional aerial surveys and zoning are done by the City's Neighborhood Improvement Department. Contact Zoning/Neighborhood Improvement at 616-456-3031.

    How do I get a copy of a deed or easement for my property?

    Contact the Kent County Register of Deeds. You will need information such as an Instrument Number (formerly Liber and Page), grantor, grantee, or permanent parcel number to search for the document. There is a charge to obtain the documents. You can also check the title insurance for your property, which should contain references to all pertinent easements and deeds.

    My neighbor is blocking my access to our shared driveway.

    Will the City come and tell them to stop? Unfortunately, shared driveways on private property are not under the City's control. This is an issue between the property owners and it will be neccessary to contact an attorney to determine the rights of each property owner. The attorney will review the deed, survey, and title insurance policy to your property and look for any references to the shared driveway rights.


    I am looking for information on how to get my sidewalk fixed?

    For questions regarding the City Sidewalk Repair Program contact the Sidewalk Division at 616-456-3243. The office is located at 300 Monroe Ave, NW Engineering Department on the 5th Floor.

    I have a question concerning snow removal in my street or my sidewalk?

    All questions concerning snow removal in City streets can be answered by the Streets and Sanitation Department at 616-456-3232. All questions concerning snow in the City Right-of-Way or sidewalk can be answered by contacting the Sidewalk Division at 616-456-3243.

    I have a question about Special Assessment Districts?

    Street improvements in our public right of way are assessed to parcels with frontage along that improvement. When an improvement is proposed, we define a Special Assessment District around the benefiting parcels and pro-rate the cost among them. City Commission approval is required for a Special Assessment District to proceed, so a vote card survey is conducted throughout the district to assist the Commission in their decision. Contact Mark Garvey at 616-456-4045 or