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    ​Vital Streets Plan

    Vital Streets are complete streets with green infrastructure. In 2014, Grand Rapids voters established the Vital Streets fund to reinvest in the quality of our infrastructure while supporting our community values of healthy places, a vibrant economy, and safety and access for all. 

    The Vital Streets Plan has been the work result of the Vital Streets Oversight Commission (VSOC) ​which was created to oversee and guide that public investment to deliver quality streets and a logical transportation system that works for all types of travelers. Over the past year, the VSOC has worked with a broadly diverse Working Group drawn from many corners and perspectives of our city to develop the Vital Streets Plan. This plan articulates our values and establishes metrics to measure outcomes. It defines a system of street types that reflect local needs and network functions. Each of the seven street types has a defined set of priority users to be supported on that street and objectives that support local quality of life and the vision of the city. Some streets have been overlaid with an additional emphasis that denotes their special role in providing a high quality system for all modes of travel.



    After much work by the VSOC in developing a Vital Streets Plan, on December 13, 2016, the Grand Rapids City Commission unanimously approved the Vital Streets Plan. 

    Vital Streets Dashboard

    What is the Vital Streets Plan?
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    The below maps will guide City staff when making road design decisions. Please click on the map images below to access larger versions.
    Modal Overlay Map

    For expanded definitions of the modal emphases, please click here​.​

    Street Types Map

    ​For expanded definitions of the street types, please click here.

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