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    Road Resurfacing
    Current and Future Rotomill and Resurface Projects


    Construction Schedule
    All Schedules are Tentative - Sub-contractor availability, weather, and utility/development projects often cause schedules to change.
    • 32nd (Giddings to Kalamazoo) 2017
    • 32nd (Kalamazoo to east City limits) 2017 or 2018
    • 33rd (Eastern to 1,044' west of Brooklyn) 2017 or 2018
    • Alexander (Eastern to Gibson Place) 2017 or 2018
    • Alto (Alexander to Watkins) 2017 or 2018
    • Amberly (Springdale to Amberly Court) 2017
    • Auburn (Wealthy to Lake) 2017
    • Benjamin (Bates to Thomas) 2017
    • Brookville Plaza (Eastern to Marshall) 2017 or 2018
    • Burton (Breton to East Beltline) May - August 2017
    • Cambridge (Griggs to Orville) 2017
    • Cass (Garden to 400' south of Hall) 2017 or 2018
    • Coit (Hastings to Trowbridge) 2017 or 2018
    • Coldbrook (Division to Clancy) 2017
    • Crosby (west end to Hamilton) 2017
    • Curwood (44th to Langley) 2017
    • Dallas (Alexander to Franklin) 2017 or 2018
    • Englewood (Maple Villa to 28th Street) 2017
    • Ethel (Thomas to Sherman) 2017
    • Fountain (Prospect to College) 2017 or 2018
    • Fuller (Alexander to Franklin) 2017 or 2018
    • Fuller (VanAuken to Brooklyn) 2017
    • Gibson Place (Alexander to Kalamazoo) 2017
    • Giddings (Shangrai La to dead end) 2017 or 2018
    • Grand (Michigan to Hake) 2017 or 2018
    • Grand (Parkwood to Lyon) 2017 or 2018
    • Grant (Grandville to Century) 2017
    • Hazen (Eastern to Nelson) 2017
    • Hickory (Ravanna to 36th) 2017
    • Hillview (Mayfair to dead end) 2017 or 2018
    • Hollister (Fairmount to Cherry) 2017
    • Hope (Fuller to Carlton) 2017
    • Horton (Burton to Griggs) 2017 or 2018
    • Johnston (Newark to Kalamazoo) 2017 or 2018
    • Kentridge (Chamberlain to Kingsway Drive)

    • Kimball (44th to Langley) 2017
    • Kingston (Chamberlain to Kingsway Court)

    • Kirkshire (south end to north end)

    • La Grave (Buckley to Wealthy) 2017

    • Langley (Kimball to Stuart)

    • Laraway Plaza (Eastern to Marshall) 2017 or 2018
    • Lillian (Fuller to Auburn) 2017
    • Logan (Eastern to Diamond) 2017
    • Lowell (Fulton to Lyon) 2017
    • Lyon (Lowell to Plymouth) April 2017 - May 2017
    • Lyon (at Wallinwood intersection) 2017
    • Marshall (Brookville Plaza to Laraway) 2017 or 2018
    • Marshall (Cottage Grove to Evergreen) 2017 or 2018
    • Marshall (Hazen to Burton) 2017 or 2018
    • Marshall (Lancashire Court to dead end) 2017 or 2018
    • Mayfair (Fulton to Plymouth) 2017 or 2018
    • Millbrook (Giddings to Newcastle) 2017
    • Milton (Benjamin to Carlton) 2017
    • Monroe (Michigan to 6th/Newberry) 2017
    • Morewood (Amberly to Belmar) 2017 or 2018
    • Myrtle (west end to Turner) 2017
    • Newcastle (Grooters to 36th) 2017
    • Norman (Poinsettia to Kimball) 2017
    • S. Norwalk (dead end to Chamberlain) 2017
    • E. Norwalk (Old Town Road to Southhampton) 2017
    • Oakland (Franklin to Wealthy) 2017
    • S. Ottillia (Ottilia to Blaine) 2017 or 2018
    • Packard (Baldwin to Fulton) 2017
    • Paris (Dicksinson to north end) September 2016
    • Paris (Wealthy to Cherry) 2017
    • Parkview (Fulton to Mayfair) 2017 or 2018
    • Parkwood (Grand to Lyon) 2017 or 2018
    • Pearl (west of Campau to Ottawa) April - May 2017
    • Plymouth Terrace (Adams to Hutchinson) 2017
    • Poinsettia (44th to Langley) 2017
    • Pontiac (Franklin to east City limit) April - June 2017
    • Prospect (Fulton to Fountain) 2017 or 2018
    • Rosewood (Elliott to Boston) 2017
    • Sheridan (Beacon to B) 2017 or 2018
    • Silver (Elliott to Orville) 2017 or 2018
    • Spencer (west of Benjamin to Ball) 2017 or 2018
    • Stone (Grandville to Caufield) 2017
    • Stople (Grandville to Century) 2017
    • Sylvan (Adams to Hall) 2017
    • Sylvan (Boston to Adams) 2017
    • Union (Bissell to Cedar) 2017 or 2018
    • Union (Evergreen to Oakdale) 2017
    • Wallinwood (at Lyon intersection) 2017
    • Wealthy (Eastern to Eureka) 2017
    • Weston (Market to Ottawa) May 2017
    • Westend (Gordon to Leonard) 2017
    • Weymouth (Kentridge to dead end) 2017
    • Wilton (Chamberlain to Kingsway) 2017
    • Woodmere (Wealthy to Robinson) 2017​
    • Worcester (Kent to Lonsdale) 2017
    • Worcester (Leonard to Chelsea) 2017 or 2018​

    Construction Information
    Rotomilling and resurfacing is a road rehabilitation process that extends the road life and prevents costlier reconstruction. During construction, the contractors will:
    1. Upgrade sidewalks and ramps to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    2. Use a milling machine to remove and grind the road surface with a conveyor system loading debris into trucks. Rotomilling is noisy but typically only lasts one day per phase.
    3. Adjust manholes to be level with the road.
    4. Pave the road with one or more layers of asphalt.
    5. Restore disturbed areas with grass.  
    Drive Approaches and Sidewalks
    Some drive approaches and sidewalks may be replaced. Affected residents may not have access to their driveways for 5-7 days while the work is completed and the concrete cures. The contractor will coordinate with those affected in advance.

    The contractor will work with affected businesses to maintain driveway access as best possible. This may include replacing half of the driveway approach at a time.​

    Driveway access may be delayed 30 minutes to two hours while road work is directly in front of a driveway.

    Sidewalk and drive approach work may disturb the parkway (the area between the curb and sidewalk). Property owners should remove plants, landscaping, etc. they want to save prior to the start of constructionProperty owners who have a sprinkler system in parkway are asked to mark their sprinkler heads with flags, sticks, or spray paint. Sprinklers that are broken during construction will be repaired.
    The contractor will restore disturbed areas with grass seed. Residents are encouraged to water the area regularly to help the grass establish and prevent weed growth. Please visit the grass and lawn care page for more information. ​

    Access and Parking
    For most rehabilitation projects, traffic will be maintained in both directions. With some projects, left turns will be prohibited or limited to maintain traffic flow. Occasionally, projects may limit the road to one-way traffic only. Rarely, a full closure to through traffic, with local and emergency access maintained, will take place.

    No parking will be allowed within the project area from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,​ which allows contractors to complete projects quickly. Residents will receive notification of these restrictions one to two days in advance and the contractor will place signs directly by the curb immediately before the project begins.

    Recycling, Refuse, and Mail
    Recycling and refuse will be maintained but bins must be placed in their normal spots the night before collection day. Failing to do so may result in a missed collection. When trucks cannot access the street due to construction, the contractor will move the bins to where they can be emptied and return them.

    Mail delivery will be maintained.

    Construction Hours
    Typical construction hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Occasionally​, work may be done on Sunday. Work hours are dependent upon weather and the contractor's schedule. The City's noise ordinance allows the contractor to work between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do these projects have such variable and tentative dates? 
    Giving contractors flexibility on individual street segments saves the City money, allowing tax dollars to be spread out to more projects. Multiple street resurfacing projects are bundled into contracts in order to receive better bids from contractors.

    Why does the City repair roads in better condition than others? 
    This question comes up a lot. The short answer is that road rehabilitation costs less than complete road reconstruction.

    By rehabilitating the roads before they are in poor condition, we are saving the taxpayers money. For more information about Grand Rapids road construction, please review the Sustainable Streets Task Force Report.


    Contact Information
    311 or 616-456-3000

    Evening and weekend City 
    emergency only number:

    Completed Projects
    Click here for a list of completed road construction projects