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    ​​Upcoming Meetings:
    There are no upcoming meetings at this time.
    Types of Meetings:
    Community Priorities and Concept Design(s)
    Before plans are finalized and projects are bided out to contractors, the City may host a Community Priorities and Concept Design Meeting. When you attend this meeting, you can expect to see a concept design of the project, share your priorities, and speak of your experiences with this public space.
    Where did this design come from?
    The City's Design Team. Whenever a large road project takes place, a collection of experts work together to create a design to maximize tax payer dollars and enhance the surrounding community. By looking through multiple lenses, staff aim to realize the visions and goals of the City's guiding documents.

    Design Team includes experts in urban planning, civil engineering, traffic safety, parking services, community engagement, stormwater management, transportation demand management, urban development, water services, and more.

    Will anybody listen to me?
    City staff listen to the experiences and knowledge from residents at meetings. They must then balance the conflicting desires of community members into a preferred design. At times, one voice can change the entire scope of a project.
    In late 2014, a Community Priorities and Concept Design meeting was held to discuss the conversion of Fuller from Knapp to Leonard from a four lanes to three lanes with bike lanes (often referred to as a road diet). There were people at the meeting that were opposed to the design and also people who were in support of the design. One community member expressed concerns about the traffic count data being old. In his experience as a resident along this stretch of road, he felt the traffic had increased in recent years.
    After the meeting, traffic safety performed a traffic count which proved that indeed, traffic had increased to a level that is not recommended to perform a road diet. The preferred design would restore the existing road lanes once construction is finalized.
    In the end, City design experts must make a final decision. They must balance state/federal regulations, empirical design approaches, and community priorities in order to form the preferred design within the constraints of funding deadlines.
    Construction Preparation 
    Immediately before long-​term construction, City staff may hold a meeting to help residents and businesses better understand how they might be affected. When attending this meeting, you can expect to receive detailed information about the work to be completed, the construction schedule, access during construction, and much more. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions, express concerns about how construction may affect you, and work with project staff to form solutions.