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    Pedestrian Improvements 
    Complete 2017

    This collection of projects worked to improve the experience for people walking and expand transportation options for all people. Many of the projects improved existing infrastructure, but some installed sidewalk where it previously did not exist to fill in gaps in the City’s sidewalk network. 

    Project Updates
    The final plantings and clean up on the Hastings (Livingston to Coit) sidewalk will be completed in the next few weeks. All other work is now finished. See the details of each of the improvements below.

    Project Details
    10th (Front to Scribner) Streetscape
    The road was narrowed and parkway expanded to create a future gateway to the Grand River. Street trees and perennials were also planted. 

    Cherry (US-131 to Ionia) Sidewalk and Lane Configuration Change
    This project will instaledl a sidewalk on the south side of the street and improve lighting under US-131 and removed the right turn slip lane on the northbound US-131 off ramp at Cherry to make the intersection easier to cross for people walking.

    Hastings (Livingston to Coit) Sidewalk and Streetscape
    A new sidewalk was installed on the south side of the road along with perennials, street trees, and ornamental lighting.
    Pedestrian Tunnel Improvements 
    These projects improved the lighting, concrete, and entries of several pedestrian tunnels, including:
    • Milwaukee under I-196
    • Sibley under I-196 – Street trees will be planted at this location.
    • Webster under US-131
    • 10th under US-131
    Before (10th Street Tunnel)

    After (Webster Street Tunnel)

    US-131 Underpass Improvements
    This work improved the experience for people walking under the US-131 overpasses on Bridge and Leonard by cutting back the embankments to widen the sidewalks and installing new lighting. 


    ​​Contact Information
    311 or 616-456-3000