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    Pedestrian Improvements 
    Under Construction

    This collection of projects seeks to improve the experience for people walking and expand transportation options for all people. Many of the projects improve existing infrastructure, but some install sidewalk where it previously did not exist to fill in gaps in the City’s sidewalk network. 

    Project Updates
    • ​10th Street, Sibley, Milwaukee, and Webster Tunnels - 12' poles and conductors outside of the tunnels are now installed and complete. Extension of the risers are now also finished. 
    • Leonard and Bridge underpass sidewalk and lighting - The installation of lights over the sidewalks are now complete. 
    • Cherry (US-131 ramp to Ionia) sidewalk ​- New pedestrian signals at the off-ramp have been installed and commission of new specialty lighting is​ now done.

    • Hastings (Coit to Livingston) sidewalk and streetscape​ - The new retaining wall, sidewalk and ADA ramp, and fencing are now complete. Lighting installation is planned for February, and landscaping and irrigation will be completed in the spring due to weather limitations over the winter. 

    Check out a news story​ FOX 17 West Michigan did about these pedestrian improvements.  

    • 10th Street, Sibley, Webster and Milwaukee Tunnels - The interior tunnel improvements and lighting are complete, as well as installation of new lighting outside of the tunnels. New light poles and fixtures have arrived and will be installed in January.
    • 10th (Scribner to Front) - Construction on road narrowing and parkway expansion is complete, as well as planting of street trees and perennials. Road work and landscaping is also complete.  New lights have arrived and are expected to be installed in January.
    • Bridge underpass sidewalk and lighting – The north side sidewalk and retaining wall are now complete. The South side retaining wall is installed and we will see slope paving and sidewalk installation over the next 2 weeks. The LED lighting over road is installed, while sidewalk lighting is still in progress. The lighting will be energized when it is all installed and landscaping is to be completed in the spring due to weather limitations. 
    • Cherry (US-131 ramp to Ionia) sidewalk – Road work and landscaping is now complete. The lighting will be operational soon. 
    • Hastings (Coit to Livingston) sidewalk and streetscape – A new retaining wall and majority of the sidewalk is now installed. Fencing and lighting are planned in the next few weeks, although landscaping is to be completed in the spring due to weather limitations.
    • Leonard underpass sidewalk and lighting – The north retaining wall and sidewalk are now complete.  On the south side the retaining wall and slope paving are complete, and sidewalk installation is planned for this week. The lighting installation is on-going and landscaping is to be completed in the spring due to weather limitations. 

    Beginning Friday, November 11, Hastings between Livingston and Coit will be closed to traffic. This closure will allow the contractor to quickly complete concrete work for a new retaining wall and pedestrian trail while ensuring safety for motorists. The detour route will utilize Coit, Trowbridge, and Livingston, and will be clearly marked.

    Construction Schedule
    September – December 2016 

    Project Details
    10th (Front to Scribner) Streetscape
    This project will narrow the road to expand the parkway to create a future gateway to the Grand River. It will also plant perennials and street trees.  

    Cherry (US-131 to Ionia) Sidewalk and Lane Configuration Change
    This project will install a sidewalk on the south side of the street and improve lighting under US-131. Additionally, it will remove the right turn slip lane on the northbound US-131 off ramp at Cherry to make the intersection easier to cross for people walking.

    Hastings (Livingston to Coit) Sidewalk and Streetscape
    This project will install sidewalk on the south side of the road as well as perennials, street trees, and ornamental lighting.
    Pedestrian Tunnel Improvements 
    These projects will improve the lighting and patch concrete in several tunnels. The tunnels are as follows:
    • Milwaukee under I-196
    • Sibley under I-196 – Street trees will be planted at this location.
    • Webster under US-131
    • 10th under US-131
    Before (10th Street Tunnel)

    After (Webster Street Tunnel)

    US-131 Underpass Improvements
    These projects will improve the experience for people walking under the US-131 overpasses on Bridge and Leonard by cutting back the embankments to widen the sidewalks and installing new lighting. 


    ​​Contact Information
    311 or 456-3000