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    Maryland Sidewalk Installation
    (Michigan to Leonard)
    ​Under Construction

    Project Update
    Beginning today, traffic on Maryland between Oak Industrial and Leonard will be northbound only. Traffic between Michigan and Oak Industrial will return to two-way. Sidewalk installation from I-196 to Leonard will continue through June.

    Work is scheduled to begin in April. A mailer​ was sent to all residents and property owners in the affected area.

    Construction Schedule

    April - June 2017

    The project will:
    • install a sidewalk on the east side of Maryland from Michigan to Oak Industrial and on the west side from Oak Industrial to Leonard.
    • widen the bridge over I-196 to install sidewalk.
    Construction Information
    Driveway Approaches and Sidewalks
    The project will reconstruct some of the driveways in an effort to better match sidewalk grades. This work will primarily impact the drive approach, which is the driveway area between the street and the sidewalk, but an occasional driveway may need further reconstruction to keep slopes as low as possible. The contractor may install temporary gravel driveways to provide access during construction.

    Grass and Trees
    • Sidewalk and drive approach work may disturb the parkway (the area between curb and sidewalk) or yard. Should this happen, the area will be restored with grass.
    • Property owners should remove plants, landscaping, etc. they want to save prior to the start of construction.
    • Property owners who have a sprinkler system are asked to mark their sprinkler heads with flags, sticks, or spray paint. Sprinklers that are broken during construction will be repaired.
    • The City will clear overhanging vegetation that may impede the sidewalk installation. This work will be minimal.
    • The bridge over I-196 will be closed for approximately a month starting in April 12. The detour will utilize Plymouth Street and Oak Industrial.
    • During the bridge closure, Maryland from Michigan to Oak Industrial will be one way with southbound traffic being maintained.
    • During the remainder of construction, traffic will be maintained in both directions.
    Construction Hours
    • Demolition work on the bridge over I-196 will be done at night to minimize traffic disruptions on the freeway. The contractor will do their best to minimize the noise, but please expect some noise. The demolition work will take approximately 5 nights.
    • Otherwise, typical construction hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Occasionally, work may be done on Sunday. Work hours are dependent on weather and the contractor’s schedule.

    Engagement History
    Construction Preparation

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