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    Maryland Sidewalk Installation
    West Side (Michigan to Oak Industrial)
    East Side (Oak Industrial to Leonard)
    ​Pending Construction

    Project Update
    This project is currently in the design phase. Work is scheduled to begin in 2017. Prior to construction, a mailer with information on the project will be sent to all property owners.

    Construction Schedule

    This work will be completed in three phases:
    • Phase 1: Michigan to Oak Industrial
      Spring 2017

    • Phase 2: Oak Industrial to north end of I-196 bridge 
      Spring 2017​
    • Phase 3: north end of I-196 bridge to Leonard
      Spring 2017

    The City will install a sidewalk on the west side of Maryland between Michigan and Oak Industrial and the east side of Maryland between Oak Industrial and Leonard. This work will include:
    • constructing a new five foot wide concrete sidewalk as described above.
    • replacement of drive approaches.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk ramps.
    • modification to the guardrail on Maryland over I-196 to provide for pedestrian access.

    Contact Information​