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    Livingston Reservoir
    Reconstruction (Various Streets in Belknap Lookout)
    Completed 2015

    Project Update
    The contractor is beginning to plant trees and is monitoring areas that were restored with grass following construction. As the weather warms, if the grass does not sprout, it will be reseeded.

    Project Summary
    ​The project reconfigured Leonard to include a center turn lane, two vehicle lanes, and two bike lanes. This design improves safety for people who drive, bike, and walk on the street by providing space for all users and a dedicated center turn lane to improve traffic flow. In order to accomodate these improvements, parking on both sides of the street was removed. Please be aware that City ordinance prohibits parking in a bike lane.

    Funding for the $12.8 million project was paid for by a $1.3 million federal grant administered through the Michigan Department of Transportation, two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Revolving Fund loans totaling $4.7 million, and the city’s Water System, Vital Streets Capital, and Sewer System Funds.

    Affected Streets 
    • Livingston (Newberry to Livingston Pumping Station)
    • Newberry (Livingston to Coit)
    • Coit (Newberry to Bradford)
    • Bradford (Coit to Lafayette)
    • Lafayette (500' south of Bradford to Leonard)
    • Leonard (Lafayette to Ashland)
    • Cedar (Clancy to Lafayette)

    This picture shows a new bike lane along Leonard Street NE

    Contact Information 
    311 or 616-456-3000