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    Resurfacing (Burton to Fuller)
    Completed 2015

    Project Summary
    This project resurfaced Kalamazoo and installed infiltration basins to manage stormwater and was completed during the 2015 construction season. 

    The contractor will return in the spring to make sure that the grass has been established and to install pavement markings they weren't able to install this season due to cold temperatures. The silt sacks in the catch basins on the east side of the job will remain in place until the spring to catch dirt running off from areas where the contractor planted grass. 

    The project:
    • reconfigured the street geometry to remove parking on the west side to create width for bike lanes on both sides of the street. Please see the cross section​.
    • installed infiltration​ basins along the road edge to retain and soak stormwater into the ground to filter pollutants and prevent runoff from entering natural bodies of water. For more information, visit the Environmental Services Department's Stormwater Asset Management webpage​.
    • rotomilled and resurfaced as a road rehabilitation process that will extend the road life which prevented costlier reconstruction.
    This picture shows the street in poor condition prior to construction.
    Engagement History
    Construction Preparation Meeting
    08-13-15 at 6 p.m.
    Boston Square Church
    1803 Kalamazoo Avenue SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49507

    Mailer (07-21-15)​
    Presentation (08-13-15)​

    This picture shows storm sewer infrastructure being installed.

    Contact Information 
    311 or 616-456-3000 ​