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    Eastside Sewer Improvement Program
    Reconstruction (Various Streets near Fulton and Union)
    Completed 2015

    Project Summary
    The purpose of this project was to separate the previous combined sanitary and storm sewer system with separate storm and sanitary collection systems in the neighborhood.  Additionally, existing water main and water services to properties within project limits was replaced.  

    For more information about the benefits to our health and environment from removal of combined sewer overflow systems, visit the Environmental Services Department CSO webpage.​

    Affected Streets
    • Fulton (College to just past Union)
    • Fulton (Lafayette to College)
    • Lake (at Fulton and Union) ​
    • Stanley (Union to end of street)
    • Union (Cherry to Fulton)
    • Union (Fulton to Fountain)​
    This project included:
    • complete reconstruction of the street and curb.
    • placement of ADA ramps at all intersections.
    • porous pavement in some parking lanes.
    • replacement of driveway approaches.
    • restored grass in parkways.
    • new storm and sanitary sewers.
    • sidewalk replacement where needed.
    • replacement of trees that were dead or in poor condition.
    • replaced and upgraded of all existing water services up to the property line.
    This picture shows new pavement at the intersection.

    ​Engagement History
    Construction Preparation

    This picture shows new street pavement, curb, and sidewalk.

    Contact Informat​ion
    311 or 616-456-3000